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"It's the Cerberus team's angel of death!"
—Unknown Usean Rebel

Jasska "Angel Smerti" Zaikev[]

Jasska was born in Estovakia in late 1975. By the age of 18, he was already flying in the Estovakian Air Force and by age 20, he joined his brother as a Mercenary to fight for the country of Yuktobania in the Belkan war.

After claiming several fighters in the last few months of the war, Jasska's brother betrayed the Yuke forces and joined "A World with No Boundaries" where he later disappeared after the battle of Avalon.

Depressed and out of work, Jasska was hired by the EASA (Erusean Air and Space Administration) in 1996 to fly as a test pilot. After several years of this, he joined the 77th Special Tactical Fighter Squadron under Padriug "Broadsword" Dunn.

Jasska is a likeable man as long as you are on his good side, however, he feels little for the enemies he downs and often enjoys fighting.