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"Where's my HPAA?! The enemies are attacking!"
—Barker last words after get hit on the runway

Joe "Jester" Barker, callsign Jester. A pilot with a rather unusual background, Joe was obsessed with aviation and airplanes from a young age and wanted to become a fighter pilot, but was rejected by the Erusean Air Force on medical grounds. The exact cause is unknown. Joe instead pursued a career in aeronautical engineering, working for a few years in the civilian aviation sector before getting a job for the Erusean Air Force as an engineer, albeit as civilian contractor. His detailed understanding of aerodynamics and knowledge about avionics made him a valuable asset for the Eruseans, and he closely cooperated with fighter pilots to monitor plane performance, the implementation of avionic systems upgrades and changes to operational procedures to get the maximum performance out of planes. While officially not authorized to fly, some fighter pilots took him aboard two-seater planes for better communication and evaluation, even allowing him to briefly take control of their plane and training him as if they were teaching a new pilot how to fly. It was during those flights that Joe discovered a talent for air combat, his keen eyes and quick reflexes combined with his extensive knowledge about aeronautics, making him a very effective fighter pilot.

It didn't take long for the commander of the Erusean Air Force base he was stationed at to get wind of what was happening, though. When confronted by the commander, Joe he admitted about violating protocols with his unauthorized flights. His contract with the Erusean Air Force was promptly terminated, but the commander informed him that he had watched the way he flied and that it would be a shame to let that talent go to waste. Joe was accepted into service for the Erusean Air Force after the commander pulled some strings. Another medical evaluation found him fit for duty. His prior rejection and dismissal were swept under the rug and Joe became a reserve pilot, rapidly completing his training as a full-fledged pilot and getting quickly promoted for his skills and knowledge. In a mere three years he had gone from being a complete rookie to a disimmilar combat training instructor in an aggresor squadron.

When the Lighthouse War broke out he was transfered to an active unit stationed at a captured airfield in the Scofields Plateau, with the goal of developing new tactics for joint operations between UAVs and manned fighters, as well as to improve operational readiness by performing training excercises with other squadrons stationed there. Ironically, when Osea launched Operation Eastern Wind on May 17, the base was caught by surprise. The Eruseans weren't expecting for Osea to respond so quickly after being severely hit from the initial strikes on eastern Usea's IUN bases. While resting after a training mission earlier that morning, Barker was awakened by air raid alarms and the sound of explosions in the distance. His fighter was hastily rearmed and refueled as he prepared to scramble. As he left his hangar and prepared to take off from the taxiway, he was killed by Mage Squadron. His fighter crashed and exploded even before he can take-off, leaving him no chance of survival.