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Only Osean Air Force pilot to have received the Medal Of Valor twice

Jonathan "Johnny" Maynard was an Osean Federation Air Force pilot during the Estovakia-Osea War, and a soldier in the army during the Circum-Pacific War. The only Osean Naval Aviator to have ever received the Medal of Valor twice, Maynard's exploits were the stuff of legends.


Born in 1985, Jonathan Maynard lived through a period of relative peace during his early childhood. In 2010, when the Circum Pacific War occurred, Maynard lied about his age to enlist in the Air Force. After passing Basic Military Training, he was assigned to the 30th Security Forces Squadron, where he provided security at Rock Isle Air Force Base.

It was at Sand Island that he received his first Medal of Valor. In the early hours on the morning of October 11th, 2010, Yuktobanian naval infantry began to attack Rock Isle. Taking up positions in a bunker, he mounted his M240B Light Machine Gun, and began blazing away at the incoming Yuktobanians, mowing them down. He continued to hold out against three waves of forces that came onto the beach, and legend has it, that at end of the fight, the M240's barrel was melting, and drops of molten metal were on the floor of the bunker.

Soon after this, he was reassigned to a Combat Controller unit, where he participated in the invasion of Yuktobania at the Bastok Peninsula. Dropping in via parachute the night before, Maynard and his unit were the first airmen onto the battlefield.

The next day, the Combat Controllers provided information and coordinates to Wardog Squadron, providing the eye on the ground for the air support. This information proved to be the battle winner, as it allowed Wardog to hit the fortress precisely.