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The Jormundgandr-class Spaceborne Dreadnought is as of now the pinnacle of sucess in the field of aerospace engineering. It is unknown how such a machine was constructed, given its massive size and unheard-of technological advancements. What is known is that it was designed based on data taken from the Arkbird, P-111X series and the XB-337 Gleipnir. It was built in space and was the largest air or space vehicle ever built. It is unknown who designed it, but many believe that Lorenz Reidl might have had a hand in it, as he was confirmed to be a commanding officer on the Jormundgandr and is believed to have died when it was destroyed by the NADF Ace: "Lightning".

Appearance and Hardware[]

EASS Jormungandr

EASS Jormundgandr as seen by an Osean Military Intelligence Sattelite

The EASS Jormundgandr's design was a flying wing, which although seems simple enough with developments such as the B-2A Spirit, but what made it remarkable was its massive proportions; its wingspan was classified, but based on images it was estimated at over four kilometers in lenth. In the center, a narrow tower went up to a command bridge similar to that of a Yamato-class battleship, only streamlined.

The massive craft was powered by a massive antimatter reactor based on Belkan research conducted prior to 2017, which could power all of the ship's systems and the six particle jets it used for propulsion and then some as it was 100% efficient. It could carry an entire fighter wing of modified copies of the Fenrir fighter for defense, but bristled with rail guns and defensive pulse lasers. The main strike weapons were a quartet of TLS turrets underneath the center of the hull, and could launch MRV ICBMs including a V-X Antimatter Bomb smuggled in from the former Principality of Belka.


  • Jormundgandr was the name of the Midguard Serphent from the legend of Ragnarok in Norse mythology. In the final battle of Ragnarok, Jormundgandr fought Thor, the Norse god of Thunder and War, and was killed. However, he had mortally wounded Thor, who only took nine steps before he died as well. This is evident in the death of "Lighting" after he destroyed the EASS Jormundgandr.
  • There are rumors that the Belkan Waldreich might be trying to replicate the Jormundgandr under the designation XB-5000X SLR Leviathan. It is also believed that some of its battle data was used to develop the ADFXC-05 Gewalt multirole tactical fighterbomber and the XB-10E Darkbird-class orbital bomber.