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"Hey bro do you see any jets?"
—Gadfly to airbase patrollers right before the Osean raid

Jules "Gadfly" Martin, callsign Gadfly. Born and raised in Redmill, Osea, Jules was a pilot for the Osean Air Defense Forces. A veteran of the Circum-Pacific War, he was assigned to the Capital District Air Defense Squadron. His baptism of fire ocurred in November 4, 2010, when he was one of the pilots that responded to a Yuktobanian terrorist attack on the Osean mainland, an attack that left many civilian casualties and which occurred close to his homeland. He, like many Oseans caught in the aftermath of the attack, felt a great hatred towards Yuktobania, the intended result of those who planned the attack from the shadows. When president Vincent Harling announced a cease-fire at the end of the war he complied and stood down, though he felt a sense of emptiness afterwards. The feelings of hatred towards an enemy does not disappear in an instant.

After the war, Jules requested to be sent to Usea as part of the IUN peacekeeping forces, where he remained until 2012. When Harling's administration announced more cuts to Osea's defense budget in order to finance the construction of the International Space Elevator, he chose to quit the armed forces, believing that it had been Harling's prior policies of focusing on peaceful space technology development rather than strenghtening the country's military that had led to the war with Yuktobania.

He disappeared for at least two years, leaving almost no traces of his activities, before appearing in 2014 as an employee of a PMC based in Sapin called Seguridad Tigre International, though details of his activities while in it are murky at best. It is believed he cut his teeth as a mercenary on the Emmerian-Estovakian war and that he fought for the Estovakian side in the Emmerian attack on San Loma on February 2015, but this is unconfirmed. It is also rumored he was hired to quell a coup d'etat in Verusa sometime in the summer of 2016. What is known for sure is that his company was hired by Erusea on 2018 as part of the efforts to combat piracy and smuggling operations near in the Spring Sea and that there are records of him living in Erusea at that time, making it very likely that he was a known mercenary to the Erusean armed forces before the Lighthouse War even happened.

When Erusea began hiring mercenaries to bolster its air forces, Jules was one of the very few Osean pilots hired to battle their native country, if not the only one. This obviously made many Eruseans doubt his true allegiance or motives, but these doubts were repeatedly proven wrong. Jules' knowledge of Osean operating procedures and tactics was useful and it is believed might have influenced the success of the opening strikes of the Lighthouse War. Despite having a negative reputation by enemies and allies alike, being called a sellout and a dog of war, he nevertheless became a reliable asset for the Erusean forces, utilizing the dogfighting capabilities of his Berkut to his full advantage.

In the night of September 16, 2019, Jules and his squadron were ordered to take off from their base at Cape Rainy for a routine combat air patrol over northern Usea, with the base being on high alert due to the recent attacks on Erusean facilities by the Long Range Strategic Strike Group, believing that any major attack would come from the sea. Much to the Erusean's surprise, troops from the OGDF supported by aircraft from the LRSSG conducted a surprise assault on the base with the intent of capturing it, sneaking in through a ravine in the south. The Erusean planes were called back to defend the base, Gadfly flying among them. The attack was over almost as soon as it began. As he watched Strider squadron raining death on the ground, he recalled the stories he had heard years before about an ace squadron from Sand Island that fought like demons. He had no time for contemplation, however. Before he noticed, his uncontrollable plane was dropping like a rock and he barely had a chance to eject before the Berkut smashed into the ground.

Jules parachuted into the base and was captured by Osean troops later that day. The war was officially over for him He was sent to the Osean mainland as a POW where his legal situation became controversial. He was officially registered with the Erusean Air Force and was considered a lawful combatant under international law, but due to his Osean nationality he was initially charged with treason for supporting a hostile foreign power and waging war against Osea. During his trial, however, it was found that Jules had legally relinquished his Osean citizenship before leaving the country after 2012 and was technically a stateless person. He remained imprisoned for over a year after the war ended, until his legal situation was resolved. He went back to Sapin, quitting his mercenary job and becoming a legal citizen there. He currently works for a construction company in Gran Rugido and still complaining about Trigger beating his canyon run record.