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A Bundeswehr-issue (Heer variant) KM2000.

The KM2000, or Kampfmesser 2000, was the standard-issue combat knife of Belka's armed forces from 1979 to 2018. The Belkan Waldreich's military improved the design to create the GM88 combat knife.



All Bundeswehr personnel were issued a KM2000 and a P8 pistol. Though each branch issued the same 9mm P8 sidearm, the knife varied from branch to branch.


The Heer, the army of the Bundeswehr, issued a KM2000 with a laser-cut, ice hardened, black-kalgard coated 172mm 440A stainless steel westernized tanto blade. This version was the base model of the KM2000.


The Marine, or Navy, issued a more utilitarian version of the KM2000. It featured a similar 172mm westernized tanto blade, which had a nonreflective protective coating to better prevent rust and corrosion. The grip was more ergonomic, as well as thicker and sturdier, and the entire back edge of the knife was serrated so it can be used like a saw.


The BAF issued what was known as the KM-ASEK, or Kampfmesser-Aircrew Survival Escape Knife. Though constructed similarly to the Heer variant, the blade of the KM-ASEK was not a westernized tanto, instead sporting a more conventional shape, aside from a bowie-style notch in the middle of the front edge. The entire back edge was also serrated like the Marine variant.

Belkommando Spezialkrafte[]

The BSK issued a knife nearly identical to the Heer model, but with several key diffences. First, the blade was made of sturdier black-kalgard coated HRC-57 stainless steel alloy, laser cut and ice-hardened like that of the the base model. Second, the blade showcased the BSK emblem and the user's initials in gold inlay.