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"Dan Renju Dejjiema Reign Għandhom.", "This Kingdom Shall Reign Eternal." -Motto of the Royal Aeon Army.

Aeon Location

The Kingdom of Aeon, North of Gallia and Aurelia. Capital Germaine.


Aeon Flag

Flag of the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Aeon is a nation North of the Republic of Gallia and The Federal Republic of Aurelia. The Nation has had a rich history in the region of South Osea, its history dates back to the 1200s when the region was ruled mainly by warring clans and factions, The nation has always had a rather large military, but has not seen major combat since the early to mid 1900s. Despite this the nation is always developing its armed forces and has many modern weapons systems such as the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank, F-111C, KF-16CJ/DJ Fighting Falcon, Kirov class cruiser, and the pride of its Air Forces the F-14D Super Tomcat and Su-33D Sea Flanker.

The nation is led by a Constitutional Monarchy; its head of state is the Empress a rather rebellious 19 year old. As a result many of the descisons of the Nation are placed through the Parlament and the Prime Minister. Its econmomy in the past Eight years has slowed down and as a result has caused much unrest in the nation, military spending was halved and much of it was redirected to Public Works and Aid programs for the ailing middle class to the dismay of hawks in the military. Despite many mystical and religious symbols in its flag and money the government and religion are seperate and the society is largely secular, education and public aid take top proirity especially in past eight years.


  • The meaning of Aeon refers to an immeasurably long period of time or an era.
  • The Population of Aeon is approxmentally 1,650,000 with over 250,000 living in close proximity to the capital.
  • The symbol of the Aeonese flag is the Triquetra. a symbol used in Wiccan, Christian and new age ciricles.
  • Anicent Aeonese is Maltese in real life. note the quotation, Current language is a dialect of Osean (English)
  • Native Aeonese people have Bluish Black hair and pale skin, with early Osean and Belkan Settlers appearing in the 19th Century the Aeonese have taken on more varied traits of hair, skin and eye color.