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Flag of Sanabia

Sanabia, officially the Kingdom of Sanabia is a monarchy on a small island located off the southwestern coast of Sotoa, a region of on the continent of Verusa. Located off the coast of the Emirate of Malikiya to its north, this maritime border with the emirate is the only one it possesses with another state. The kingdom has some minor oil and gas reserves but has primarily diversified its economy to transform itself into a regional banking and financial hub. As a small island, the country's global influence is limited and it is a close ally of the Kingdom of Hajari Sotoa.

It is an absolute monarchy under the rule of the King of Sanabia.

Armed forces[]

Due to its small size and population, the island kingdom chose to invest much of its military spending into its air force, as it allows the country to most effectively project its influence and defend itself, and to a lesser extent its navy. The Royal Sanabian Army consists of some 3,800 troops mostly used for internal security (quelling uprisings), along with a special forces unit of some 400 men. The Royal Sanabian Navy includes five missile frigates and some smaller patrol and auxiliary ships for defending the waters around the kingdom. The Royal Sanabian Air Force (RSAF) has a fleet of about 120 aircraft, with its primary fighters being the Typhoon, the Mirage 2000, and the Tornado IDS. Most of its military equipment was purchased from Osea, which is also where much of its personnel receive advanced training after the island kingdom signed several military agreements with the Federation in the 1980s. The air force is the most developed and effective branch, while the navy has seen limited action and the army is mostly used to crush internal revolts against the monarchy.