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"I don't know what motivated him; fame, money, ideals, revenge... What I can say for sure is that he was born to fly. And maybe that's all what it takes to become an ace like him."
—Suou of Burg, AC7 ISAF Arc Epilogue.

Kirill "Icarus" Callahan is the main character of the fan-fiction story Ace Combat 7: Storms of Rebellion, and played a major role in the outcome of the Tarbean Civil War. Depending on which side he takes in the conflict, Icarus helps the Lanslean Liberation Front to liberate Lanslean from the kingdom of Tarbean, defend Tarbean from the LLF counter-invasion, or join the ISAF to restore peace between these two countries.


Kirill was born in the capital of Tarbean, Numina. He is the only child of James Callahan, a renowed Ustian stunt pilot, and Irina Kuznetsova, a human resources CEO of an important Tarbean agriculturist company. Kirill spent his childhood admiring his father's skills at stunt flights, watching his performances around the world whenever he could. It was after watching a Tarbean fighter squadron performing along his father when Kirill made up his mind about becoming a fighter pilot himself.

When Kirill had his 10th birthday, he went to see his father perform at Apito International Airport. Unfortunately, James' aircraft suffered from a mechanical problem and crashed when he attempted to take off. He managed to survive the accident with no serious injuries, but this scarred the young Kirill and his mother Irina, to the point that she forbid James to pilot any aircraft ever again. This prohibition was the main motive of their succesive arguments after that. Kirill felt lost, as his dream of becoming a jet pilot conflicted with his fear of suffering an accident similar or worse than his father's. When James and Irina divorced, Kirill was forced to live with his mother, and Irina only permitted him to visit his father at weekends. Because of this, Kirill and Irina often fought and distanced themselves.

When Kirill turned 16, James began to teach him how to fly a plane, despite his ex-wife vehement disapproval. Since then, Kirill began to day-dream about going to fly with his father the next weekend again and not to pay attention to almost any other matter in his life, a trait that stuck with him for the rest of his life even after he became a fighter pilot. Although he appeared uninterested in any other thing that was not about flying, he worked and studied very hard to fulfill his dream, and managed to apply for a place in the Tarbean Air Force.

Thanks to his excellent marks and his great prowess at flying - due to his weekly training with his father - Kirill rapidly ascended through the ranks, and after only 2 years of service, he was taken under the wing of Brigadier General Alexandr Ivanov, one of the best teachers of the Tarbean Air Force. Kirill quickly befriended Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Vasíliev, another pupil of Ivanov, who regarded him as a trustworthy companion and a skilled rival.

Both of them stood out among Ivanov's pupils and were nicknamed "Rising Stars" by the local air staff. However, they often put their lives at stake with risky maneuvers at drills and practices - mostly because Kirill's training with his father was more oriented to acrobatic flight rather than combat, and Sergei's hot-blooded behavior -, which put them often at odds with his teacher. Despite of this, although Ivanov did not admit it, he was proud of them, especially after they beated two members of the Berseker Agressor Squadron in a dogfight on a joint excersice.

Their skills did not go unnoticed among the highest ranks. Mijail of Numina, thrid prince of Tarbean and General of the Air Forces, became interested in Kirill and Sergei, and personally asked them to join the 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron "Valkyria", the most acclaimed and skilled squadron of the country, with a marvelous record after the South Osean War.