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"I'm gonna try something crazy. ... I'm gonna try a Cobra!"
—Lt. Commander (then Captain) Eugene Weaver while flying an F-4E Phantom II over Area B7R during Operation Air Lift, 2024

The 7th Air Division, 22nd Reserve Fighter Squadron Squadron "Knight", also referred to as Knight Squadron was a fighter squadron of the Belkan Air Force during the Osean Continental War. While not an elite squadron, nor the most prestigious of the Belkan Air Force, they nonetheless proved to be the Belkan trump card against the Osean advance throughout the entirety of the conflict. The squadron was primarily based at Valais Air Base, located in Eastern Ustio.


Formation and Early Conflicts (2002-2010)[]

Knight Squadron was officially formed on March 22nd, 2002, by Lt. General Gerald Rivera (then Captain) as a part of the Belkan Air Force's 7th Air Division.

In the period of time between the Belkan War and the Circum-Pacific War, Knight Squadron would receive mostly hand-me-down equipment from other squadrons, primarily aircraft and weapons. For some pilots, being assigned to Knight Squadron was a sign that they would never be able to serve their country on the battlefield.

At some point during the Circum-Pacific War, the squadron served as a training unit for less-experienced Belkan and Yuktobanian pilots, the the more experienced members of the squadron receiving limited actual combat time during the conflict.

Osean Continental War (2024-2030)[]

Following the cessation of hostilities after the Circum-Pacific War, the Principality of Belka underwent radical changes in government, and sought to strengthen ties with its neighboring countries.

The Osean Continental War officially started on March 15th, 2024, two months after Presient Vincent Harling was assassinated on his fourth inauguration day by a group called "Deathshead". The terrorists, lead by Emanuel Rodriguez, managed to completely reform the government by the end of January of that year. By March, they had established themselves as a dictatorship, and declared war by attacking Valais Air Base, in Ustio.

Knight Squadron was scrambled to intercept and shoot down the approaching bombers, however an Osean A-10 Warthog had bombed both runway 1B, and 2A. The second bomb dropped by the A-10 impacted the aircraft belonging to Knight 3 as it was leaving the runway. This forced Knight 4, an inexperienced pilot named Keenan Lotheric, to fly over the burning wreckage of the F-4. Miraculously, he and the rest of Knight Squadron were able to get airborne without taking substantial damage.

The resulting air battle saw Knight Squadron up against a formation of B-52 Stratofortresses and various attackers and fighters. By the end of the battle, Knight 4 had managed to shoot down all but one bomber, when his aircraft was inadvertently struck by a friendly AA missile.

The next major op for Knight Squadron was codenamed "Operation Round Table", and would see Knight Squadron defend Area B7R, or the "Round Table". During an overstay at Ustio International Airport, an Osean Sympathizer had sabotaged most of Knight Squadron's aircraft, leaving Knight 4 to go on alone.

Erusian Insurrection[]

During the fourth year of the conflict, fighting had broken out in the Kingdom of Erusea, with a terrorist cell called the Free Erusea State taking power temporarily. Knight Squadron, fresh from the Defense of Area B7R, was briefly handed over to the ISAF to help quell this rebellion. There, SkyEye, and by extension the rest of Mobius Squadron, were impressed by the skills of Knight Squadron. This was arguably best shown during a training exercise over Newfield Island, where Mobius and Knight pilots were tasked with "shooting down" Mobius 1, who had been given an experimental fighter. After being chased down by Knight 4 for over five minutes, including taking several missile and gun hits, Mobius 1 broke his vow of silence by saying he was honored to be flying along side such skilled pilots.

Roster + Equipment[]

  • Knight 1: MiG-21bis, A4-F Skyhawk, F-22A Raptor
  • Knight 2: MiG-21bis, A4-F Skyhawk, Su-25
  • Knight 3: F-4E Phantom II
  • Knight 4: MiG-21bis, F-23 Recluse, F-27A Scarface
  • Knight 5: F-16XL

Knight 4[]

Main article: Keenan Lotheric

Knight 4 was regarded as Knight Squadron's ace pilot, and by extension, the face of the squadron. Although he was a masterful fighter pilot, and expert tactician, he felt extreme melancholy, knowing that he was the cause of so many preventable deaths. Despite these feelings, perhaps even fueled by them, he would make sure to visit the families of every single pilot he shot down, earning him the nickname "Woeful Ace".

AWACS Spirit Eye[]

AWACS Spirit Eye served as the Airborne Weather and Control System for not only Knight Squadron, but the entirety of the Belkan Air Force during the Osean Continental War. She would give Knight Squadron their orders via her relatively safe position above the battlefield. She, along with the rest of her crew, flew aboard an E-767.

AWACS Hawkeye[]

During operations where Spirit Eye was unavailable, Knight Squadron would take orders from AWACS Hawkeye, of the Aurelian Air Force.

AWACS SkyEye[]

During the Osean Continental War, fighting had broken out in the Kingdom Erusea, with a terrorist cell called the Free Erusian State taking power temporarily. Knight Squadron was briefly handed over to the ISAF to help quell this rebellion. There, they would take orders from Mobius Squadron's AWACS, SkyEye.