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This story is free for everyone to edit. Please make sure your edit makes sense and goes in order with the rest of the story. Now this is to be like a book, with paragraphs, chapters and plenty of decriptive writing. Make sure each add on to the story is at least 4-5 paragraphs, 2 or 3 if they are really long. Keep to the characters. If you want to add more characters or replace them with the right ones from actual Ace Combat sources please message Demons of Hræsvelgr. And please, NO TROLLING!!!


Use these characters for the story. The characters to be used (Unless edited or informed otherwise):

Characters List
Name/Callsign(Or both) Rank Main Occupation (e.g. Airforce Tactics Adviser) Age Personallity
Falke Reichert/Stahl Two 2nd Lt. Belkan Air Force Pilot (Recently retired) 37 Reliable, dependable. Great assistant.
Horalk Greingtor/Stahl One Major Belkan Air Force Pilot (Recently retired) 46 Cool, calm and collected. Quick thinker.
Packtern Balat/Dichte One Lt. Colonel Belkan Air Force Pilot, Electronics Specialist 40 Easily angered, Focused on his objectives
Nalt Heringtem/Dichte Two Captain Belkan Air Force Pilot, Flight Instructor 35 Patient and easy going. Flys with perfection.
Michael Grasyok/Dichte Three Captain Belkan Air Force Pilot, Tactics Expert 38 Team player, never lets a man down.
Loraine Grasyok/Dichte Four 1st Lt. Belkan Air Force Pilot, Engineer 32 Sister of Michael Grasyok, Easily angered and looses focus when so.
The "Jager"(Hunter) Unknown Possibly Belkan Air force N/A Mysterous, no one really knows what "it" fights for, or who "it" really is.
Thomas Delorizk/Eisen 1-1(Hund) Captain Belkan Army, Commander of Delta team Eisen, Squad leader 39 Superior mind, people wonder why he chose ground duty over the air force
Kayuls Jourkdas/Eisen 1-2(Lowe) Warrant Officer Belkan Army, Support Specialist 34 Hardened by battle, he is hot headed but focused
Gradius Frost/Eisen 1-3(Fledermaus) Sgt Maj of the Army

Belkan Army, Electronic Specialist

34 Knows the inside and out of every enemy electronics system, very efficent and humerous
Palurk Hesworf/Eisen 1-4(Geier) Sergeant Belkan Army, Medic 24 Youngest of the squad, he didn't experience the war fully, but he is focused on restoring their pride
Ashley Bernitz/Grabacr 1 Captain Belkan Air force 42 Superior Belkan ace, he is very hard to get along with, despises Gefahr 1.
/Grabacr 2 1st Lieutenant Belkan Air force 37
/Grabacr 3 1st Lieutenant Belkan Air force 36
/Grabacr 4 1st Lieutenant Belkan Air force 34
Michael Heimeroth/Ofnir 1 Captain Belkan Air force 40
/Ofnir 2 1st Lieutenant Belkan Air force 38
/Ofnir 3 1st Lieutenant Belkan Air force 36
/Ofnir 4 1st Lieutenant Belkan Air force 33
Allen C. Hamilton Airmen First Class Belkan Air force 21

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Note: All air force units that are not on the characters list, name them as "Pilot #", e.g, Pilot 1. As for ground and sea forces, put the countries name and "Soldier" for normal soldiers, and "Soldier.G" for high ranking soldier, e.g. Osean Soldier and for sea units put the countries name and the class of ship, e.g. Belkan Crusier.

Prologue: Following the Routing Knights []

Narration: December 31st, 1995, the end of the Belkan War and the destruction of the Avalon Dam Facility occupied by AWWNB, showed the end of a Belkan era of supremacy over the far east of the Osean continent. Their pride shot, their lives destroyed, all by the allied forces of Osea, Yuktobania, Sapin and Ustio.The whole country was in disarray all because of the war they started they. All of it being about money and pride, to show that even though they were loosing their territories, they could still show their might, but it failed.

With nuclear detonations mared all over the northen Belkan lands, the landscape of the north is cold, cruel and evil. Radiation fills the air. Abandond facilities make the land look deserted and destroyed. The war they caused was way more than they could really fight. But their pride got in the way.

Far of worse then where they started, they needed to make some ground. With several leaders of the Belkan army wondering what to do to bring back the glory days, they formed the Grey Men were formed. From this we lead to the deep and dark operations they did to bring both of the most powerful superpowers in the world, Osea and Yuktobania, to the brink of war, to show they wern't finished, that they were going to sacrafice everything to ensure the glory of the King was restored. These are the operations of the "Knights of Dishonor." 

Chapter 1: Broken Pride[]

Act 1, Scene 1:[]

"Sigh, it looks like it's going to be another long day."

A man walks down a broken road in Tauberg. He looked toward the remains of Excalibur, the Belkan superweapon that was destroyed in the Belkan War. Though the war had ended long ago, the damage here could still be seen. The man was going towards the cemetery where Belkan soldiers were buried. Proud men who served thier country. When the man got to the cemetery he saw rows of graves, each one a fallen comrade. Men just like him, serving thier country with pride. He walked along the rows passsing grave after grave. Each one a constent reminder of his failures. He eventually stopped at a grave in the last row. The grave belonged to a man by the name of Gerolf Herrmann. The man knelt down to the grave and placed a ring there.

"This will always be Belkan land to you Gerolf."

The man then pulled out another object to place on the grave.

"And my freind Greingtor wanted me to give you this as well. A gift for saving me that day."

The man started to remember to events of that day. A flash of red, falling, expolsions coming from everywhere, and then, the image of Excalibur falling...

As he turned around he saw his friend Horalk Greingtor waiting for him.

"Falke." Horalk said to him. "Is there anything else needed to be done here for our comrades?"

"No Major. We've done all we've could for them here. It's time to leave."

The two men returned to the small town they we're staying at. After leaving the cemetery, they decided to go to a local Cafe. They didn't need to fear any Osean soldiers being nearby.

"What would you like to order." A young girl asked the two men.

"Coffee for me." Horalk said to her. "What about you Falke?"

"Nothing right now."

The young girl returned with a cup of coffee for Horalk.

"Just tell me if you need anything else." The girl said, going back into Cafe.

"Are you sure you don't want anything Falke? A cup of coffee perhaps? Ugh. Nevermind about the coffee Falke. It's Osean."

"They never could get their coffee quite right, eh Horalk?"

"Just doesn't have that Belkan taste. It's too sweet."

"Can't keep shoving sugars and fats down thier throats. That's Oseans for you."

"Hahaha. You got that right!"

After Horalk finished his coffee the two of them left the Cafe. They walked along the streets, looking at what was once their land.

"Feels weird, doesn't it Falke?"


"This place. It's no longer Belkan land."

"I try not to think about it Horalk."

"But we need to think about it. This is the result of our failures. We are Belkan Aces. Our pride had been broken in the last war. The Rald Party failed Belka, we failed Belka. And look at everything now..."

Act 1, Scene 2:[]

Falke thought hard about what Horalk had said that day. Now he was in Hoffnung. The city had been heavily damaged by an attack by the Allied Forces during the war. Even today it was still far from it's former glory.

"Another result of those HellHounds." Falke thought as he walked past ruins of Belkan factories and buildings. The attack on Hoffnung had been fierce. Bombs were dropped all over the city. He had been here as well during the war. But at the time he could hardly call it war. As he walked he saw other things that disgusted him. Women reduced to selling thier bodies just to survive, children reduced to begging and stealling. This is what the world had done to this place. This is what they did to this place. But the worse part of it all was that the blame was put on them. The Belkan military.

Horalk -"What a mess, didn't your family live near here, Falke?'

Falke -"Yeah, they did. They were too stubborn to get away from here. They thought the Allies wouldnt make it this far........... But now, well, they have moved on."

Horalk -"Dammit.............. I didn't know they......"

Falke goes into deep though, before coming back to reality

Horalk -"I..........I am sorry, I just."

Falke -"Look, don't worry. It has been 3 years since then, and I have learned to..... to move on I guess I could say. The only thing I really have of them now are photos though. Even then, it still kinda feels like they are still watching over me. Hell, out of everyone I know they were the most dedicated to protecting Belka to the death. I am sure they have the kings blessing where ever they are now......... But, lets talk about you for a second, what have you been doing for the last 3 years? I mean, you're getting old?"

Horalk -"Hey, get off my back. I am only forty......... somethin'."

Falke -"Ha, yeah, very young I see."

Horalk -"Well I try my best to keep up with you guys, but to answer your question, I have been working in the Technology department of Belka munitio- I mean Grunder Industries. Still can't manage get the name right."

Falke -"Still quiet hard to fathom isn't it? I didn't think the Oseans would trust us old Belkan wardogs with their, I mean, "our" technology.........Oh wait, who is that over there?"

A man is walking down the same street as Falke and Horalk. A face very familiar to them.

Horalk -"Wait...... Well  what do you know, my old trainee. Hey Packtern!"

Packtern -"Well, well, well, isn't my old boss and his apprentice?"

Falke -"Hey it is the Angry Hornet."

Packtern -"You're a bastard, you know that Falke?"

Falke -"Six words and you are already angry?"

Packtern "Hey, I am kidding. Only my enemys make me angry....... and stupid people"

Horalk -"Oh, and I know that very well"

Falke -"It's funny seeing you here Pat. How's the squadron going?"

Packtern -"Well, we have been rebanded by the airforce. The govenment is getting very...... nervous. Our military is still very restricted but Osea has let us have a bit of a force.... finally.

Falke -"So nothing has really been going on at all, no border conflicts or any attempts to reclaim land?

Packtern -"Actually, you might be supprised. I have heard some people secretly speak about a group of people trying to gain support for underground military force intergrated with some big company, but I think it might just a few people talking hype. We are in no shape to start a war at the moment.

Horalk -"It would be nice to......... you know...... retake the south........ if you can, dig up more on this if you can Pat."

Packtern -"I'll try......(pager bleeping).... oh damn, I have to head back to base. I am training up some nuggets at the moment. I'll contact you as soon as I have more information."

Horalk -"Alright. Nice to see you."

Falke -"Yeah, make sure the nuggets are scared of you, alright?"

Packtern -"Yeah, sure thing, see you guys."

Falke and Horalk -"See you later."

Packtern leaves the city to a near by air base

Falke -"Well, how about that. Looks like we might have a chance to retake our land."

Horalk -"Hopefully, yes. It would be great......... you want to go get a beer?"

Falke -"Yeah, sure. I nice pint would go down well."

Act 1, Scene 3: []