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The La-35 Szabla or Sabre reporting codename "Raven" was a Yuktobainian supersonic, high altitude reconnaissance interceptor. This aircraft was chracterzied by its varible geometery design and huge turbojet engines.


Produced and designed in the late 1970s-80s as a way of bolstering the high altitude defense of Yuketobanian airspace, the Lavochkin design bereau was given a comission for a design for a "High-Altitude, High Speed Inerceptor capable of carrying large payloads". Also another objective was to make a design that bolstered high mobility and good turning capabilities at low speeds. Though a difficult task to accomplish Lavochkin decided on a varible geometery design to allow for low speed mobility and turning capability.

Two huge Saturn AL-8 Turbojets were used for the design, the AL-8 was capable of producing almost 25,000 lbs. of thrust each. totaling out to 50,000lbs of thrust. The weapons for this aircraft were but not limted to one 23mm GSH-6-23M gatling cannon, Vympel R-33 XLAA, Molniya R-60 Missile, and Vympel R-23 SAAM. But a specialized weapon was developed for this aircraft that many describe as an attempt at a weapon simmilar to ADMM that was used on the CFA-44. The aircraft also had an system similar to the MiG-31 that allowed it to receive or transmit combat data to types like the Su-27 or MiG-29, also enabling ground based systems and IL-76 AWACS aircraft. Making it a lethal and destructive Mach 2-3 interceptor. However in the 1980's with budget constraints and projects like the Scinfaxi taking higher priority the La-35 only had a handful of prototypes and an estimated four production models ever made.


The La-35's were forced into secure storage in Cruik fortress in the 1990's moving them away from the arid regions of Sonza, a rumor was abound that in 1990 a group of attackers possibly from Usea broke into the fortress, killed all nearby personel and secured an aircraft that was in peices in the hangar. The theft of the plane along with the shooting and stabbing deaths of the personel were completely covered up by the Yuketobanian government.


Weapons: x1 GSH-6-23M Gatling Gun, Vympel R-33 XLAA, R-23 SAAM, Molniya R-60 MSSL,

and One MPHPW (Multi-Directional Homing Projection Weapon)

Powerplant: x2 Saturn AL-8 Turbojets Rated at 25,000Lbs. of thrust each.

Service Ceiling: Classified (assumed to be 70,000ft.)


Mobility: 60

Speed: 94

Stability: 45

Air to Air: 100

Air to Ground: 30