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Little is Known about the Li P.13a, What is known is that it was a Prototype ramjet interceptor designed by the belkan company Lippisch. It had a very odd design, Two sharply swept wings and an equally large Tail. The cockpit was located in the tail, Its can be described as Pyrimid shaped. Its nose was a large jet intake, that gave oxygen to the massive ramjet engine. The engine gave it a high speed of 1025 MPH allowing it to Easily catch and destroy allied fighters and bombers. In 1947 Two were constructed and fielded, they were very effective but there were to late and not enough to win the war. After the war the technology was stolen and brought to Osea.


  • Reaper 1 (AC Origins) (Belka)
  • Demon 1 (AC Origins) (Belka)


*NOTE: These are Period statistics not to be compared to modern aircraft

Stats (LI P.13a)[]

  • Speed: 98
  • Mobility: 60
  • Stability 40
  • Defense: 30
  • Air to Air: 90
  • Air to Ground: 15


  • Top Speed: 1025 MPH
  • Powerplant: 1x Coal Powered Ramjet Engine
  • Service Ceiling: CLASSIFIED
  • Specifications: Length: 22 ft, Height: CLASSIFIED, Wingspan: 19 ft
  • Armament: 2x MK103 30mm Cannon, 4x MG151/20 20mm Cannon, 4x Rocket (30 shots in game), 2x Guided Missle (20 Shots in Game), 2x UGB (10 shots in game)

Special Weapons[]

  • Rockets
  • Missles
  • Un-Guided Bombs