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Below is a list of a list of Campaign Mode missions in Ace Combat 7: Storms of Rebellion, organized in the three main arcs, and with all the dialogue and scripts.

Part 1: Prologue[]

Opening Scene[]

(Scene depicting a huge crater'. Suou of Burg starts talking offscreen)

Suou: It all began with Ulysses, the asteroid that changed the flow of history in all the world (a photo of the asteroid is shown). Although the world had more than enough time to develop measures to stop it, the main countries' goverments argued over the possible military usage of these measures. (pictures of Stonehenge and the Chandelier in construction are thrown over Ulysses photo). In the end, Ulysses was stopped before it could destroy the entire planet. However, countless innocent lives were lost, and many countries were completely broken.

(Several newspaper of the date after Ulysses fragments imapct appear, with pictures showing extreme destruction, desolation and poverty)

Suou: Among the most devastated countries were the Kingdom of Tarbean and the Republic of Lanslean, when one big fragment deviated and collided between both of them. Their economies were shattered, and their futures were hanging on a thread. It was in that moment when a great oilfield was discovered in the depths of the Valhalla Gulf. Both countries saw the opportunity to rebuild their respective economies selling the black gold that lied in this bed, now called Raviente Oil Station. But greed took over, and Tarbean and Lanslean started to fight over the control of Raviente. Thus, the South Osean War began.

(Several Tarbean, Lanslean and international newspapers appear on screen, depicting articles on the South Osean War)

Suou: Blood and debris painted the once beautiful land of South Osea. Ironically, the effort put into war economy "saved" both contendients' arks. But at what cost...?

(Another Lanslean newspaper, this time showing a picture of Gollem , a mobile railgun platform resembling an enourmous tank)

Suou: Lanslean had the upper hand on the first half, mostly thanks to Gollem, the massive railgun tank... But Ulysses still hadn't said its last word. One of the last fragments of the asteroid deviated from its course when it entered the atmosphere, and crashed directly in the superweapon. Tarbean reacted quickly, and began its counterattack.

(Newspapers about Tarbean's victory in the war)

Suou: Without the Gollem, Lanslean fell in two weeks. Tarbean took the command over its enemy, and anexed its territories to its own. Lanslean was no longer a country, and peace was finally restored.

Mission 0: Flight excersice[]

(A computer screen turns up, displaying a geographical map of the practice zone. Alexandr Ivanov commences the briefing offscreen)

Ivanov: Alright, nuggets, listen up! Today we'll participate in a joint practice excersice with the 56th Aggressor Fighter Squadron from Enuma Air Base. We will go over basic combat maneuvers and attack formations. Then, we will have a mock battle against the Enuma guys to test the knowledge and skills you've learned in this time. You'll be fighting using simulation data, so you won't be using real ammo. That said, I want you all to fight like it's real deal, so give it all you've got! Oh, and before I forget, don't do anything reckless, and don't brake any rule of engagement. That goes double for Sergei and Kirill, understood? Well, that's all. You're dismissed!

(At his command, the pilots get up and start to go to the exit. One of them, Sergei Vasíliev, approaches Kirill Callahan, the player)

Sergei: Man, why does he have to scold us in front of everybody? Didn't he have enough with making us do his paperwork for three days?

Kirill: Well, you've gotta admit that dive was really dangerous. We almost crashed right into the AA gun that time.

Sergei: I say... Can you imagine the face of the AA gun operators when they saw two planes coming down right above them? I bet they must have pissed they pants!

(Both start to laugh)

Kirill: Well, we gotta go to the hangar. Hey, Sergei, how good do you think the guys from Enuma are?

Sergei: Ohhhhh, come on! Don't tell me you actually think we will lose to them!

Kirill: No, it's just... I heard they have combat experience from the last war, so they will really test our skills...

Sergei: Hmmm, yeah, you're probably right. But I trust in our skills, and I'm sure you will lead us both to victory, like always. That said, you want me to take the lead today, Icarus?

Kirill: You already know the answer, Artemis.

Sergei: *Sigh* Well, I had to try...

(After selecting the aircraft, a taking off cutscene starts)

Controller: ... Raven, Saber, Fairy, altitude restrictions cancelled. Icarus, Nightgale, go to runway 2 and prepare for take off.

(Icarus and Nightgale's MiG-29A Fulcrums move to the runway and start igniting their reactors while checking flaps)

Controller: Icarus, Artemis, you are cleared to take off. (After they take off) Icarus, Artemis, altitude restrictions cancelled. Good luck!

(The five Fulcrums, led by' Alexandr "Raven" Ivanov', arrive to the arranged operation zone)


Ivanov: OK, squadron, let's start with a little warm up. Perform any neccesary checks on your panels, flaps and yaws while the aggressor squadron arrives.

(The player is prompted to learn the basic controls of the fighter)

Saber: This is Raven 2, everything works well for me.

Fairy: This is Raven 3, same here.

Sergei: 4, controls are fine... Sheesh, how boring...

Ivanov: Raven 4, stop whining! What if your plane starts to malfunction just before you engage the enemy? Hey, Raven 5, what's your status?

(Brief silence)

Ivanov: Hey! Icarus, helloooooooo! Are you with us?

Kirill: Eh? Oh! Sorry! Raven 5, everything is fine! Yeah, it's OK.

Ivanov: For God's sake, how many times do I have to tell you not to space out while flying? One day you'll crash into a mountain and you won't even notice.

(Slight laughter from the other wingmen. The scene zooms into an oncoming flight of six Su-27 Flankers)

Berseker 1: This is the 56th Aggressor Fighter Squadron. Looks like you're already finished with the preparations. Shall we begin?

Ivanov: This is the 23rd Tactical Fighter Squadron. You've arrived quite early! But yeah, we've just finished checkings. We're ready to start whenever you want.

Berseker 1: Roger. Berseker squadron, let's show them how it's done!

Ivanov: OK, Ravens, remember what I've teached you and we'll come home without any losses. Do not take them one on one and break immediatly if you're being targeted. Raven 1, engaging!

Saber: Raven 2, engaging

Fairy: 3, engaging.

Sergei: This is gonna be fun! Raven 4, engaging!

Kirill: Raven 5, engaging!

(Suddenly, the Berseker squadron splits into two groups of three planes, heading to opposite directions)

Fairy: What the-?

Ivanov: They're trying to surround us! 2, 3, we'll go after the ones to the left! Icarus, Nightgale, you hold the other three up!

Sergei: Roger! Turning to engage.

(Sergei and Kirill split up from the other three planes and start to chase the three planes that went to the right)

Berseker 2: Ha! As we expected, you came for us recklessly.

Berseker 1: Let's wrap this up. Berseker squadron, formation Alpha 4-5!

Berseker Squadron: Roger!

(The planes perform a sharp Immelman turn, followed by Kirill and Sergei. The three Berseker planes are now heading to the other three head on. Both groups turn to their respective right quickly, and before their two pursuers notice, Sergei and Kirill are closing to Ivanov, Saber and Fairy, who are right in front of them)

Ivanov: Crap! Break right, break right!

(The five Raven planes miracoulsy manage to avoid crashing with themselves, but their formation is completely broken)

Berseker 3: They're confused. Strike them while the iron's hot!

(Two planes start to give chase to Saber and Fairy)

Saber: Ah! They're on my tail...!

(One of the planes fires guns, but without using real ammo. The simulation program traces the virtual shots and determines that Saber was effectively shot down)

Saber: Dammit! Sorry guys, I'm out.

Berseker 4: Fox two!

(The other plane fires a virtual missile, and the program dictates that it was a direct impact on Fairy)

Fairy: Argh...

(Saber and Fairy both disengage and retire from the furball)

Sergei: This is bad... We're in a disadvantage of two on one...

Ivanov: Don't take us lightly, Berseker! Take this! Fox three!

(Although the Raven leader is being chased by two Berseker planes, Ivanov manages to fire three AA-12 Adder missiles at Berseker 1 and the planes chasing Kirill and Sergei. The programme simulates their trajectory, and dictates the missile aimed at the Berseker leader missed, but the other two hit)

Berseker 4: 5 and 6 have been shot down!

Berseker 2: Hmph, it seems all the stories about you were true, Raven.

Berseker 1: Play time is over. Let's get serious, forget this is just a training excersice and go all out on them!

(Berseker 3 and 4 start to chase after Kirill and Sergei, without letting them any chance to escape. The Berseker leader and number 2 do the same to Ivanov)

Kirill: My god, they're like mad doghounds! Their maneuvers are just crazy, it's like they're glued to our tail!

Sergei: Then we should show them we are the best at risky moves, don't you think, Icarus?

Ivanov: Hold it, Nightgale, I told you not to do anything reckless, remember?

Sergei: Screw that! If they're treating us as real enemies, I'll do the same! Icarus, I believe Omega 3-4 is our best chance against them in this situation.

Kirill: "The Edged Knife", huh? Fine, let's do it!

Sergei: That's what I want to hear, pal!

Ivanov: Icarus, Nightgale, I said stop it!

(Sergei, chased by Berseker 4, places himself at about one and a half kilometers in front of Kirill, who is being chased by Berseker 3.)

Berseker 3: Huh? What are they planning to-?

Kirill: NOW!

(At Kirill's command, Sergei's plane rolls to his left and bleeds his speed. At the same time, Kirill rolls to the right and hits his afterburners. This results in Kirill's plane passing Sergei's extremely close, almost scratching their fuselages. Their pursuers, astonished, break away instinctively, just like the Raven Squadron few moments before)

Ivanov: Damn, they never listen...

Sergei: Now it's our turn to attack!

Berseker 4: No way! How could they switch from defense to offense like that!?

Berseker 3: Watch out, 4, he's traking!

Berseker 4: Wha-?

(Kirill, who placed himself behind Berseker 4, fired a missile as soon as he had a lock-on. After two seconds, the program recorded 4's defeat.)

Berseker 4: Wait, I'm down already!?

Sergei: Gotcha!

Berseker 3: No!

(Shortly after, Sergei shoots Berseker 3 as easily as Kirill)

Saber: Wow, I wish the program recorded that, I have to watch it when we get home.

Kirill: This is Raven 5 to Raven leader, we're moving to assist.

(Ivanov answers in an angered tone)

Ivanov: That won't be necessary.

Berseker 1: Ha! You're being cornered and still you refuse your wingmen's help?

Berseker 2: We're going to make you regret that, Raven!

Ivanov: Sorry, guys, I'll have to make this quick. I must talk to two certain pilots who don't value their lives as much as they should.

(As he speaks, Ivanov displays his true skills acquaired with experience when he counter-maneuvers the remaining fighters and guns them down in a few seconds)

Fairy: Hey, Saber, if you thought the maneuver before was good, you definitely have to watch what our boss just pulled out this time.

Berseker 2: What the hell!? He was holding back all this time!?

Berseker 1: I thought all the stories about you in the last war were exaggerated. Now I see why you were called "The Bloody Raven"

Ivanov: I think we're done here, guys. it was a great excersice, Berseker. I hope we can fly again any time soon.

(Berseker 1 answers with silence)

Sergei: Phew, that was hectic! But I think I'm liking it now that I think about it.

Ivanov: All planes, return to base. Kirill, Sergei, you are ordered to report in my office immediatly.

Kirill: Oh boy...


(A TV screen shows news about terrorist attacks on Tarbean buildings over Lanslean. Suou of Burg explains off-screen)

Suou: Peace didn't last long. Only a few years after the war, random acts of violence and vandalism spread all over the former Lanslean territory. At first they were random, but soon enough they became more cunning and organized.

(A masked man giving a speech, with his voice distorted, appears on TV. His voice is muffled by Suou's explanation)

Suou: And then, the Lanslean Liberation Force revealed themselves on the third anniversary of Tarbean's victory. Apparently, all the terrorists cells united, claiming they were fighting the oppresive leadership of Tarbeam, imposed upon Lanslean after an injust defeat at the hands of luck.

(Images of demonstrations appear on the TV)

Suou: Their message struck heavily on the young people of Lanslean, and multiple demonstration supporting the LLF were held all over Lanslean. It was thanks to the citizens' support that the Tarbean local forces were never able to hunt down the LLF. And so, the situation came down to this crisis...

(Screen fades to black)

Mission 1: Uprising[]

(After saving the game, the screen shows a small office, with a desk, a computer, a file shelf and an analogic TV. On one side of the desk, Ivanov is sitting, talking angrily with Kirill and Sergei, who are standing on the other side of the desk. The computer monitor is displaying flight data of the last mission)

Ivanov: ... the plane who was pursuing you before could have catched up with you, so you would have two bandits on your tail, Sergei. Not to mention the insanely high chance of you colliding in midair. You might be able to do this on practice, but that "edged kinfe" of yours won't work on a real dogfight. Believe me, you're not going to have the nerves to do this right when it's the real deal, and an experimented fighter won't fall for such reckless tactics. Get it?

Sergei: Yes, sir.

(Ivanov lets out a sigh)

Ivanov: You may think that I'm too harsh on you, but I've seen too many young pilots flying like you and losing their lives pointlessly, when they could have returned home alive with the job done. You two are pretty talented, I know it, but you don't understand that the most important rule of flying is to survive, not to-

(Knocks can be heard on the door. Ivanov stands up, and Kirill and Sergei turn over to the door)

Ivanov: Come in!

(The door opens and Prince Mijail of Numina enters the room, dressed in a military uniform with multiple medals. The three men salute him, and Mijail returns the salute)

Ivanov: General Numina!

Mijail: Good day, General Ivanov. May I have a moment with you? It's about an urgent matter.

Ivanov: Of course, sir. Colonel Callahan, Colonel Vasíliev, you're dismissed for the moment.

Kirill: Aye, sir!

(Kirill and Sergei start to exit the room, but Mijail stops them)

Mijail: Actually, this matter concern to both of you as well, so it would be better if you stay here and listen.

Sergei: ... Sir?

Mijail: Could I borrow your computer, Ivanov?

Ivanov: Go ahead.

(Mijail inserts a pen-drive and begins browsing the computer files)

Mijail: I will get straight to the point. Are you familiar the Lanslean Liberation Force?

Sergei: Yeah, they've been causing quite a mess over Lanslean. They're giving the police a huge headache. Not to mention the citizens approve of their ideals.

Mijail: I see you're informed about them. Well, the matter is, things have gotten out of our hands.

(Mijail opens a file with information and images of a military base)

Mijail: Today August 27th at 05:46 hours, we lost contact with the Panaya Base at Lanslean. Last contact was made apparently in the middle of a civilian riot in the military buildings.

Ivanov: A civilian riot in a military base?

Mijail: It was most likely the LLF. They must have obtained firepower from the black market, and have probably found a security loophole from where to launch a surprise attack. Currently we do not have enough information about this.

Sergei: So if the LLF managed to take over a military base...

Mijail: Yes, they now have military equipment in their hands, making them a very dangerous threat to the security of our territory and our people.

Ivanov: What did we have at the base?

Mijail: Mostly outdated air and ground vehicles from the last war, and the usual ground force equipment. Panaya was being used as a sort of scrap yard to store old vehicles before destroying them. But they still are enough to cause widespread panic if they dare to use them, and we believe they will.

Kirill: And we're going to stop them before they get the chance to do that, right?

Mijail: Exactly. The goverment has decided to mobilize our military forces and they are currently scrambling from our bases. We will rendevouz at the outskirts of Kolove at 18:00 hours.

Ivanov: And that's where we come out.

Mijail: The command post has ordered the 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron to provide air cover while our ground forces reunite in Kolove, then we will escort them until they reach Desherd Base.

Ivanov: Oh, so they want the masters of our skies to watch over them, huh?

(Mijail scratches his head)

Mijail: Well, about that... Lieutenant General Gunther and General Gagarin retired last year from service, so we are a little short on people right now. So I would want you three to join the Valkyria Squadron, at least temporarily.

(Sergei and Kirill look at each other in mild astonishement as they hear Mijail's request)

Ivanov: Well, I don't mind, but I'm not really sure about Vasíliev and Callahan. They're still nuggets despite their ranks.

Mijail: I took the liberty to revise your informs about your pupils, and you speak very well of them.

Ivanov: They're too green. Yes, they are very talented, but they still fly too recklessly. They're not cut off for a battle yet.

Mijail: We are not expecting the LLF to attack us while we scramble, so I see no problem with that. Depending on their performance, I will consider them for a full transfer to the squadron.

Ivanov: Mmmm...

Mijail: Well, that is, of course, if they want. I have more experience pilots in the pool, but I believe this will be a great opportunity to show your talents to the higher ranks.

Kirill: Of course, sir, we accept the offer.

Sergei: We won't let you down, sir!

(The scene changes to the four men, dressed in combat suit, entering the hangar. There, Mijail spots Suou of Burg talking to a mechanic and waves to her. Suou notices, dismisses the mechanic and trots towards the group. When she arrives, Suou salutes Mijail, and Mijail returns the gesture)

Suou: Greetings, Highness.

Mijail: Greetings, Lieutenant General of Burg. But I remember asking you not to call me like that when on duty. I am just the General of the Air Forces.

(Suou bows slightly in apology)

Suou: My apologies. Sir, is it true that our King and your two brothers are on sortie with the ground forces?

(Ivanov, Sergei and Kirill exchange questioning looks between themselves, as they didn't know about the presence of the King and the two eldest Princes on the convoy they must escort)

Mijail: That is correct. My Father will be personally leading the ground forces until they arrive to Kolove, and my two brothers will accompany him as well.

Ivanov: With due respect, sir, but why didn't you inform about this before?

Mijail: Because it does not matter who are we escorting, we always have to make our greatest effort to not let anything happen to our allies. That is why I did not think it would matter for you to know the King is among our forces. Is that clear?

Ivanov: Understood.

Mijail: Well, now I will be going to perform checks on my plane. We will take off in 15 minutes.

(Mijail salutes, and the group salute him back as he walks to his plane. Suou turns to Ivanov and makes a small bow)

Suou: It is an honor to fly again with you, teacher.

Ivanov: As formal as always, eh Suou? Besides, I'm not your teacher any longer.

Suou: And these two must be your new pupils, is that right? (She points at Sergei and Kirill with her head)

Ivanov: Yes, they are. Lieutenant Colonels Kirill Callahan and Sergei Vasíliev.

(Both men salute)

Suou: Oh yeah, I have read your dossiers...

Sergei: You too, ma'am?

Kirill: You make it sound like it was a bad lecture.

Suou: No, it was not that bad. Rather, you seem to have a lot of talent, but you do not use it properly.

Sergei: We'll show you how really good we are in a few minutes, ma'am!

Ivanov: This isn't a show-off, Sergei. Lots of lives depend on our escort, including our King's.

Sergei: I'll keep it in mind, don't worry.

Kirill: Now, shall we prepare? Now we don't want to keep Highness Mijail waiting.

(As the four walk towards a group of planes, the player enters the aircraft selections screen)


(The five Valkyria planes fly the outskirts of Kolove, passing over the ground forces which are reorganizing themselves.)

Mijail: Looks like they will be done with the mobilization soon.

Sergei: About time, I was starting to get bored here.

Ivanov: Keep focused, Sergei, we still have to watch over them.

Sergei: I don't think anyone would be insane enough to attack us. Just look at how many tanks we have down there!

Suou: But if they did, now would be the best time to ambush us. We would have a hard time responding to their fire, because we are not still organised enough.

(The voice of a man on his fifties sounds over the radio)

Providence: This is AWACS Providence. Valkyria Squadron, do you copy me?

Mijail: This is Valkyria 1, we hear you loud and clear. What is the matter?

Providence: I've picked several bogeys on rader, coming from bearing 351. Four big planes escorted by eight smaller aircrafts.

Kirill: We may have found your insane guys, Sergei.

Providence: Intercept them and force them to leave the area after we identify them.

Mijail: Roger. Valkyria, let us move.

(The five planes turn, and the player is prompted to go to a designated area)

Providence: Attention, Valkyria Squadron! Our ground forces are being attacked by an unknown enemy on the streets on Kolove!

Mijail: Say what!?

Providence: I repeat, our forces are engaged in combat with an unknown number of enemies on Kolove. They require aerial assistance.

Mijail: Copy. 2, we will turn back and assist the ground forces. 3, 4, 5, you will deal with the bogeys. I suspect the ground enemies are a decoy for them.

Ivanov: Roger. Artemis, Icarus, follow my lead.

(Mijail and Suou disengage the formation and turn around to the city of Kolove. Meanwhile, the other three planes recolocate in an arrow formation, with Ivanov at the head, Kirill at his right and Sergei at his left.)

Providence: Attention at all aircrafts bearing 351! You're entering a no-fly zone stated by Tarbean Martial Law! You're ordered to state your intentions and leave the zone. Fail to comply and you will be shot down!

(A few moments pass, with no response)

Providence: I repeat, this is a no-fly zone, and you're required to leave the are-

(The missile alert sound starts beeping on all Valkyria planes)

Ivanov: Missile, break! Break!

(The three planes manage to evade the missile coming from one of the Mirage 2000-5 escort planes)

Sergei: Damn those bastards!

Providence: Command has authorised lethal force against all attackers. You're cleared hot, Valkyria, engage!

Ivanov: Copy that, Valkyria 3 engaging.

Sergei: Valkyria 4 engaging!

Kirill: 5, engaging.

(The three planes split up and begin to give chase to the escorts that attacked them earlier)

Enemy 1: The enemy is here. Let's show them the rage of our people!

Enemy 2: Protect the bombers at all costs! We can't let the enemy destroy them before they unload the cargo!

Sergei: There are a lot of them. Think we can take them?

Ivanov: Remember what I teached you, keep focused, and we'll get through this alive.

(A dogfight ensues, where the Valkyrias manage to lock on to enemies, but have to disengage to avoid enemy fire from other sides)

Kirill: Darn, they are persistent... This is different from the training excersices!

Ivanov: They aren't following the manual. That's proof they're rookies. But that makes them impredictable. Stay on your toes!

Sergei: Then we should show them how a real pilot flies!

(Sergei outmaneuvers the plane he was chasing after and manages to shoot it down with his guns)

Providence: Valkyria 4 shot down a bandit!

Kirill: Way to go, Artemis!

Sergei: ...

Enemy 3: 5 is down! Stay on the offensive and keep them away!

(The dogfight proceeds smoothly for the Valkyrias, as they manage to shoot down two more enemies)

Kirill: And that one's mine! Hey, Artemis, you're awfully silent, is something wrong?

Sergei: ...It's nothing. Come on, we've got to catch up with the bombers.

Providence: The bombers are 6 miles away from our ground forces.

Ivanov: How are they doing, Providence?

Providence: Not good. It looks like the enemy is using some kind of special explosive that completely vaporizes our vehicles. Our king and the princes are still alive, though. Valkyria 1 and 2 are providing support, but they aren't able to pinpoint the enemy location for a precise airstrike.

Ivanov: Copy. Artemis, Icarus, you will deal with the bombers. I'll keep the remaining escorts busy.

Kirill: Icarus, roger.

Sergei: ... Artemis.