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Following is the list of missions that will be playable in THE Ace Love iDOL: Live Combat M@STER!

Side A1 (America Front)[]

# Title / Operation Date Player Character(s)
1 REST@RT February 3rd 2025 Haruka Amami
Complete final joint training with Burnam Corporation Defense Force and United States Air Force.
2 Sparkling Days of the Past February 4th 2025 Yayoi Takatsuki
Neutralize pirate forces on the islands of the West Indies.
3 I am a Fighter Pilot February 10th 2025 Haruka Amami

Chihaya Kisaragi

Assault a pirate stronghold in Miami, Florida; and reclaim the city.
4A The Fairies February 19th 2025 Miki Hoshii

Takane Shijou

Hibiki Ganaha

Choose one flight of the Fairy Squadron and repel the pirate counterattack.
4B Hare, Flower, and the Demon February 19th 2025 Iori Minase

Azusa Miura

Ritsuko Akizuki

Choose one flight of the Dragon Squadron and repel the pirate counterattack.
5 Power of Two February 22nd 2025 Mami Futami

Ami Futami

Intercept pirate bomber squadron on the Round Table.
6 Black and White (Part 1) February 25th 2025 Makoto Kikuchi
Recon the pirate stronghold in Hollywood and neutralize anti air defense.
6x Black and White (Part 2) February 25th 2025 Yukiho Hagiwara
Assault the pirate stronghold in Hollywood.
7 Ready!! Hunt!! March 1st 2025 Haruka Amami
Intercept enemy superweapon before it deals heavy damage to Miami.
8 Crystal Dust March 14th 2025 Chihaya Kisaragi
Escort allied forces through Hollywood.
9 Destiny March 16th 2025 Haruka Amami
Reclaim Washington DC with the American allied forces.

Side A2 (Africa Front)[]

# Title / Operation Date Player Character(s)
10 Vault that Borderline May 31st 2025 Azusa Miura

Ritsuko Akizuki

Choose one out of the two available flights from the Dragon Squadron, storm the African beach, reclaim forward air base, establish a frontier.
11 Contact * June 5th 2025 Yayoi Takatsuki
Investigate the loss of a Burnam air squadron in the ravines of Carruth. Deal with the threats as necessary.
12 The Heart of Marionette June 10th 2025 Miki Hoshii
Protect ground forces advancing in Mogadiyu.
13 The Awaited Prince June 30th 2025 Makoto Kikuchi
Respond to a distress call.
14 Battle Birds * July 11th 2025 Kotori Otonashi
Lead the assault on Voskhod's fleet trespassing independent Egyptian territory in Suez Canal.
15 What I Want... July 11th 2025 Haruka Amami
Protect the base from destruction. Destroy all rebel air forces assaulting the base.
16 A Promise July 12th 2025 Chihaya Kisaragi
Defend the base from pirate's capture force. Repel ground forces from the oil fields.
17 Go My Way!! July 16th 2025 Haruka Amami
New recruits are coming to reinforce Burnam Corporation Defense Force. Defend them and their belongings from pirate forces.
18 Alive... July 24th 2025 Haruka Amami
The pirates have managed to reactivate an African anti-air turret network. Lead the assault on the enemy weapon network.
19 Smoky Thrill July 30th 2025 Iori Minase
Ambush pirate naval forces refueling in an offshore oil drilling station to clear the path to Dubai.
20 The Sun and Me August 2nd 2025 Haruka Amami
Destroy the last of pirate existence across Africa and the Middle East in the battle of Dubai.

* Actions performed in these battles will affect dialogues in A3.

Side A3 (Eurasia Front Part 1)[]

-to be continued-

Side A4 (Asia-Pacific Front)[]

-to be continued-

Side B1 (Eurasia Front Part 1)[]

# Title / Operation Date Player Character(s)
1 Early Birds March 3rd 2025 Honoka Kousaka
Polish combat skills with your partners. Repel pirate skirmish units trespassing the area.
2 Dreams We Lost March 6th 2025 Umi Sonoda
Intercept pirate high altitude bombers.
3 Wander Zone March 12th 2025 Kotori Minami
Under intense radar jamming, clear out pirate's land-based and airborne radar network on the mountains.
4 Legacy of the Stars March 20th 2025 Eli Ayase
Loyalist intelligence discovered reactivated large-caliber anti-air cannon North of Russia. Its reactivation threatens Moscow, it must be destroyed.
5 Silent Tonight March 25th 2025 Nico Yazawa
Loyalist sympathizers discovered that pirate forces will move their forces through the Caucasus at night to ambush the loyalists. Strike the enemies.
6 Southern Star March 25th 2025 Nozomi Toujou
While the other loyalists are engaging pirates all across Russia, Nozomi strikes a pirate stronghold near Mongolian borders.
7 Hunting Panthers April 1st 2025 Maki Nishikino

Rin Hoshizora

Hanayo Koizumi

Pirate naval forces are stationed near Kamchatka. Lead the loyalist air forces in sinking the fleet.
8 Halation April 10th 2025 Honoka Kousaka
Escort loyalist forces as they move through the Siberian land.
9 Hopeful Warriors April 19th 2025 Honoka Kousaka
Defend the staging area from enemy assault.
10 Our Lives, Your Lives May 2nd 2025 Honoka Kousaka
Loyalist forces, now united under Voskhod Industries, launch an attack on Moscow. Support the forces.

Side B2 (Africa Front)[]

# Title / Operation Date Player Character(s)
11 No Passport Required May 22nd 2025 Honoka Kousaka
Break down the pirate's coastal stronghold in Africa and reclaim the naval port. Support Voskhod's Allied Navy.
12 Desert River June 4th 2025 Rin Hoshizora
Inspect and intercept suspicious aircraft flying around the ravines of Carruth.
13 Contact * June 5th 2025 Eli Ayase
More unknown aircraft detected in Carruth. Intercept and deal with the threats as necessary.
14 Heaven's Lens June 10th 2025 Hanayo Koizumi

Nozomi Toujou

Destroy pirate's transport aircraft squadron.
15 Path of Hatred June 14th 2025 Nico Yazawa
Pirate's supply base has been located. Destroy the base to cripple pirate presence in Africa.
16 Fata Morgana June 30th 2025 Maki Nishikino
Respond to allied distress call.
17 Battle Birds ** July 11th 2025 Kotori Minami
Negotiation for passage has failed. Support Voskhod Navy's aircraft carrier as it transits through Suez Canal.
17x Friends Forever... *** July 12th 2025 Honoka Kousaka
Prevent unit desertion at all costs.
18 Operation Jump Rope July 24th 2025 Hanayo Koizumi
Support allied forces as they move through the desert with electronic jamming.
19 A New Me July 29th 2025 Honoka Kousaka
Support the final assault against the pirates in Africa.

* Actions in this mission affect dialogues in following missions.

** Getting shot down in this mission awards Mission 17x

*** Failure to S-Rank this mission directs the story to B4 after Mission 19.

Side B3 (Eurasia Front Part 2)[]

-to be continued-

Side B4 (America Front)[]

-to be continued-

True Path - All Stars[]