Logan Voracek

Logan "Icebox" Voracek, callsign Mako One at the time of the Circum-Pacific War, was the leader of the Osean 287th Tactical Fighter Squadron, more commonly known as Mako Squadron. A veteran of the Belkan War as well as numerous minor border skirmishes and international squabbles, Voracek had seen more than his fair share of conflict in his time as a combat pilot, and his experiences had hardened him from a bright-eyed idealist into a weary cynic. Still, Logan believed that there was good in mankind, and fought to preserve innocence wherever he could find it. Ultimately, Voracek would die at the hands of a former Belkan ace during an Osean military intervention in the First Forsan Civil War, which, along with the heroic actions of the legendary Razgriz Squadron during the Circum-Pacific War, would inspire Voracek's wingman and protégé, Nicholas Walsh, to leave the OADF and form the mercenary unit known as Zilant Squadron.

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