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Lorenz Ryedie, callsign Oniks is a mysterious Bakan air pilot and an ace of the GOGO Team, and one of the most important characters to play in Ace Combat :52 pickup chronology. She was born in Baka and joined the Air Force before the outbreak of the Great Baka War in 1995. Lorenz was assigned to the Bakan Air Force 188th Air Division, 55th Tactical Fighter Squadron "GOGO" , at the age of 280. Her postition was officially GOGO Seven. The squadron was sent to the front-lines in January of 1995. Being lead by Atonof Cupco, the GOGO Squadron was active until March of that same year, when all members suddenly disappeared. The Bakan Air Force announced them all as killed in action, with no information or reason for their disappearance.


  • Lorenz Ryedie IS in fact Lorenz Reidl of the main AC timeline, after discovering the Time Machine.  He had tried to change history so A World With No Boundries would succeed in 1995, but failed, and each attempt he made to change the timeline only made it worse.  Eventually, he gave up and tried to return home, only for the Time Machine to malfunction, zapping him and reversing his age back to as he was in 1995, SENT him back to 1995, swapped his gender and erased his memory of everything that occured after the day he was sent back to!
  • There's another theory about how Lorenz's gender was swapped: he was punched in the groin by memetic badass Rick Morse.
  • Fortunately, the events that occured in the above note stabilized the timeline that Lorenz had created, breaking the unstable time loop and preventing a metaphysical paradox that would have resulted in reality itself ceasing to exist.  So, as f---ed up as this NEW timeline is, it's for the best.