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M200 Intervention
Manufacturer Cheytac
Operator[s] Osea, Ilstovia, Sapin
Type Sniper Rifle
Operation Bolt Action
Cartridge[s] .408 Cheytac .375 Cheytac
Firing Mode[s] Single Shot
Magazine Detachable Box Magazine
Maximum Effective Range 2000+ Meters
Variant[s] M200 Carbine

M310 SS

M310 R

The Cheytac M200 Intervention is an Osean long range bolt action sniper rifle chambered for the .408 Cheytac round. This rifle is designed to take out infantry at 2000+ meters away, tests also confirm that this rifle has the best grouping at 2122 meters, landing 3 hits within 42 centimeters. The rifles accuracy can be partially attributed to the .408 Cheytac round, which is designed to be as powerful as a .50 BMG cartridge while having less weight and greater range. The rifle only weighs 31 lbs without the scope, considerably less than comparable rifles. These attributes make the Intervention sniper weapon system a top of the line long range weapon system.