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Noob tube

One of the early production models. How a civilian got a hold of one is anybody's guess.

The M4E5Y, aka "Noob Tube", was a man-portable 40 mm grenade launcher fielded by Osea in the Circus-Pacific War.  Loved by those who used it and hated by those that were unfortunate enough to get hit by it, this weapon alone caused many more casualties from ragequit-induced desertions than it did in actual kills, but nevertheless it has secured an infamous legacy as one of the most underhanded weapons ever built, especially by gamers that had to suffer through having this weapon featured in video games about the war.


Obey this warning or die.


The Noob Tube is basically just an M4 Carbine with the gun mechanism and barrel removed, replacing it with a lone M203 Grenade Launcher, effectively making it the modern equivalent of the M79 "Blooper".  The creation of this weapon was spurred on by suggestion of a focus group in Osea's military, which unfortunately consisted entirely of COD and BF fanboys, all of whom raged over the dread 'Noob Tube".  Seeing the potential of such a rage-inducing weapon, the Oseans decided to give one to EVERY SINGLE SOLDIER, MARINE, SAILOR AND AIRMAN IN THEIR MILITARY (instead of, you know, actually training them to hit stuff with bullets), with Yuktobania complaining nonstop throughout the war about Osea's Noob Tube (yet at the same time refusing to acknowledge the sheer-brokeness of the Scinfaxi and Hrimfaxi, and guess what they did when the Oseans countered them with the Arkbird?).  The rage-inducing effects of this weapon did not go unnoticed, and so Tyson Ro'lo acquired one himself and made a real menace of himself.