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The MiG-31R Foxhound-C is an upgraded, COFFIN equipped MiG-31 Foxhound used by Neucom Incorporated against Erusia.


The aircraft was developed quickly as a stopgap measure until Neucom could produce the interceptors it had on the drawing board, including the R-311 Remora (which would eventually replace it). It was used extensively in the offensive role to gather reconnaisance during the Erusian Civil War (AC8), as well as in the defensive role in defending against Erusian counter-attacks. It still had its trademark "'Foxfire"' Radar, which could burn through and in some cases short out enemy jamming. The upgraded version, called "Foxfire-C", was so powerful that it showed great promise if used as a Microwave-powered "Death Ray". This Microwave Beam Cannon technology was developed separately from the radar, and so can be carried by the Mig-31R in an under-fuselage pod. Like the TLS, however, it had to be manually aimed, which meant that it was only used by the most skilled pilots, even though it had the frightening ability to cause aircraft to burst into flame seemingly for no reason. This gave the aircraft a frightening reputation despite its poor maneuverability. The MBC technology is rumoured to based on the HPM (High-Power Microwave Weapon) which was used on the Fenrir during the Aurelian-Leasathian war.

Notable Incidents[]

The MiG-31R gained an infamous reputation when a flight of Foxhound-C's operated by the 91st TFS were involved in the downing of several Yuktobanian Air Force aircraft, namely an SR-71 Blackbird and a flight of EF-2000 Typhoons. The Foxhounds had intercepted the Blackbird as it was conducting a reconaissance mission to monitor escalating conflict between Neucom and Erusea when it was ordered by the Foxhounds to cease its' activities and return to Yuktobanian territory. The Yuktobanian recon plane attempted to comply with the order when the MiG-31R's opened fire with their Microwave Beam Cannons, destroying the SR-71 and a flight of Typhoons from Yuktobania's Kvant squadron which were waiting within Yuktobanian airspace to cover the withdrawal of the SR-71; none of the pilots of the downed planes surviving the attack. The incident resulted in outrage from the international community, the Yuktobanian Prime Minister condemning the unprovoked shooting down of their aircraft and imposing a trade embargo against Neucom in response to the incident. It was later revealed however that the 91st TFS was composed of Erusean agents posing as Neucom pilots, similar to the tactics of the Belkan Grey Men's Grabacr and Ofnir squadrons during the Circum-Pacific War; ironically, all of these pilots in the squadron were defectors from Belka. Once this information came to light, the Union of Yuktobanian Republics and Neucom restored diplomatic relations and worked together to bring the Eruseans to justice.

Aces/Ace Squadrons[]

  • Lightning (NADF/AC8)
  • Omega (FEAF/AC8)
  • 91st TFS 'Leviathan' (NADF and FEAF/AC8)
  • 77th TMS (Tactical Mercenary Squadron) "The Taranis Team" (FEAF/AC8)
  • 11th TJS "Neo-Schwarze" (BAF/ACX3)



MiG-31R Foxhound-C


  • Speed: 100
  • Mobility: 52
  • Stability: 65
  • Defense: 100
  • Air-to-Air: 95
  • Air-to-Ground: 48


  • Top Speed: Mach 3.2
  • Powerplant: Two Tumansky Turbofans totalling over 70,000 pounds of thrust
  • Range: 1800 miles
  • Service Ceiling: 144,000 feet
  • Specifications: Nose is about 4 inches longer than a Mig-31M
  • Armament: 1 x 30mm GSh-30-1 Autocannon, 6 x AA-8 'Aphid' AAMs (80 missiles in game), 6 x AA-9 'Amos' XLAAs (16 missiles in game), 2 x ECM Pods (6 uses in game), 1 x Microwave Beam Cannon (10 shots in game), 1x ASAT missile (2 uses in game).

    MiG-31 Launching a ASAT missile.

Special Weapons[]

  • Advance Long Range Air to Air Missile (XLAA)
  • Electronic Counter-Measures Pod (ECMP)
  • Microwave Beam Cannon (MBC)
  • Anti-SATellite missle (ASAT)