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The MiG-51S has it's roots in the MiG-51 Fullbound-A drone control aircraft, which was originally conceived as a long-range interceptor capable of carrying increasingly heavy air-to-air payloads at speeds and altitudes which would grant a considerable degree of protection. During early development the project was altered to form the basis of a forward UCAV control aircraft to be paired with the early “Udal” series.

The Fullbound-F began as an experimental test bed MiG-51 Fullbound-E for new technologies, including advanced variable-cycle engines and new composite armor. After initial trials, the design was so impressive it was put into limited series production for use by squadron commanders or Aces, most notably the propaganda hero Colonel Meyran.

It is an all-around more capable aircraft than it's predecessor, with superior performance, greater survivability and a much more advanced electronics fit. This is accomplished mainly through a significant increase in size, with the corresponding increase in weight being counteracted by the use of exotic composite materials. It is with no doubt the largest fighter aircraft ever made.

The mission is similar to the mass production version, the forward control of unmanned combat aircraft, but it is capable of controlling more from a greater distance or in a harsher ECM environment. It retains the second seat for the control officer in the rear cockpit, which can be replaced with a supercomputer-class drone control unit. The design relies on conformal ejectable packs for both fuel and weapons, allowing the large aircraft to be easily tailored with specialize payloads that may include directed energy weapons or enhanced ECM.

Due to it's imposing size and colorful paint schemes applied by its pilots, the MiG-51S is often photographed for propaganda purposes and has become the symbol for Yuktobanian (Neo-Soviet) air power.

Aces/Ace Squadrons[]

  • Colonel Meyran.
Colonel Meyran's Ace Helmet by PrinzEugn

Colonel Meyran's Ace Helmet.


MiG 51S on Ground by PrinzEugn

MiG-51S on standby.


Believed to be derivative of AL-61F, max ~55,000 lbf (245 kN) thrust.



48ft (14.5m).


92ft (28m).


21ft (6.5m).


70,000lb (32t), empty, 110,000- 115,000lbs (50-52t), loaded.


Maximum Speed at Altitude (>60,000ft, >18.3km) Mach 3.0+ (1980 mph, 3186 km/h), Mach 2.0+ (1320 mph, 2124 km/h) at 30,000ft (9.1km). Absolute ceiling >100,000ft (>30.5 km), Cruise altitude ~75,000ft (~22.9km).

All data is estimated pending more detailed intelligence.


Original design, art work and names by Mark Simpson, aka Prinz Eugn.