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Mission one is the first mission of ACB

Mission events[]

Your a Pilot in the Shadowza airforce base, when suddenly, Berkian Bomber's begin Bombing, you get in your Plane, a R-17, and Fly into the heat of battle, your job is to shoot down fighters and bombers.

Dialogue and Briefing[]

<<...Alright, Gentlemen, The Berkian's recently bombed the city of Tenedor with a Nuclear weapon, causing widespread destruction, we have Detected Bombers Heading towards Shadowza, our job is simple: Eliminate them and the Threats towards the city...>

<<Peacekeeper Squadron, Scramble!>>

<<Never thought it would come to this>>-AWACS Vulture

<<I always did, just not so soon>>-Peacekeeper 2 '

<<Guys, watch out, incoming wave of Aircraft's>>- Peacekeeper 4

<<New Guy scored a hit, huh>>Peacekeeper 2

<<Kid show's promise>>-AWACS Vulture

<<Bomber squadron shot down!>>-AWACS Vulture

<<Let's go Peacekeeper 3, your doing great!>>-Peacekeeper 2

<<All Aircraft shot down or retreated, good work, mission accomplished>>-AWACS Vulture