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NR-56 Rifle Series[]

The NR-56 is the primary assault rifle of the Neucom Emergency Unit and all affilated Neucom ground forces, it features a compact caseless 8.7x56mm NEU round known for its high velocity and pentration against body armor. The rifle was made of a high impact polymer with titanium inserts in vital areas. making a light weight frame for a weapon. The Barrel is a cold hammer-forged steel with hexagonal rifling. The caseless ammunition is basically a solid propellant with a bullet and primer embedded in it; in all ways it is a copy of the G11 4.7x33mm ammunition minus the caliber. Initally the ammo cooked off after excessive fire, this was due to the powder not having the proper cemical composition. Neucom copied the G-11s propellant a Hexogen or RDX based proplellant.

The rifle feeds from a 35 round magazine and fires in 3 round bursts as its primary fire mode. secondary fire modes are Semi or Fully Automatic. Fire rate is reported to be in the 850-900 rounds per mintue range in full auto, while 3 round burst raises fire rate to 1560 rounds per minute. Variants include a Grenadier model nicknamed "Dragon" and a Designated Marksman Rifle which gained the nickname "Woodpecker" during the 2019 Eruisan Civil War for its rapid and accurate semi-automatic fire in the right hands. By 2045 the NR-56 was modified into a carbine for airborne soldier and special forces use, the carbine was designated NR-56K. The K model had excessive muzzle climb and a blinding flash from the short barrel, a speical four prong compensator was attached to all K model carbines afterwards. The Rifle had seen action in the Corporate war of 2045 but couldn't keep up with the GR weapons like the GR-36 (A licensed produced version of the G-36) and the AR-1 Punisher the first magnetic driven small arms system.

Pros to the NR rifle[]

Lighter even in higher caliber.

Accuracy was maintained due to lower recoil.

higher magazine capacity than normal combat rifles.


Fragile ammunition

More expensive than conventional rifles. (Reason why the StG-77 AUG is still issued as a reserve or secondary weapon)

No handloading of magazines.


Type: Semi, Burst, or Fully Automatic Rifle

Caliber: 8.7x56mm NEU

Fire Rate: 850-900 RPM (Burst), 1560 RPM (Automatic)

Magazine: 35 round, preloaded box magazine.

Attachments: Various scopes, reflex sights, Holograph sights, 40mm Grenade launcher, Thermal and Nightvsision also included.

Comparable Weapons[]