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Needle Squadron is an auxillary Squadron of the Sapinish Air Force. They were shot down by the "Ghosts of Razgriz" and "Ocean Voyager Company A" durring the re-capture of Ranwark, Ratio when the attepmted to defend it.


Needle 1 was a member of a long line of flight leads for the Sapinish Air Force. He flew as the flight lead of Needle Squadron, and went MIA when he was shot down. Nothing else is known.

Needle 2 was an Engineer at the Sapinish Aeronauticla Development Agency and joined Needle Squadron as the number 2 aircraft. He was Killed in Action when he was shot down by the Company A Commander of Ocean Voyager.

Needle 3 went MIA and was never heard from again. The only evidence he survied was a parachute with his callsign on it, as well as a letter to his loved ones saying "I will return someday!"

Needle 4 was found and sent to jail without any information being recorded about him. He dissapeared after he was let out of prison. Nothing else is know about him other than this radio message sent out by an unidentified Emmearian pilot in 2016 when Estovakia invaded Emmeria: ".......Unidentified Aircraft in front of me.......IFF signal says its calsign is 'Needle 4'.....strange....."


The signature aircraft of the Needle Squadron was the Eurofighter Typhoon,expeirementally equipped with a TLS.