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Novaya—officially the Novayan Revolutionary Democratic People's Republic or just Novayan RDPR for short, and formerly Varbosia, other full names of Novaya—is a militaristic state.


Ancient history[]

Novaya was preceded by Alnoria, whose feudal government were led by knights and aristocratic families—which included the Norsoutha family, the Tomoshima family, the Hindenburg family, the Ludendorff family, the Zoborov family, and the Schraunberg family. Their knightly traditions—including fascism and some aspects of Christianity—laid the foundations for the patriotic, nationalistic and militaristic attitudes of future generations, along with the political structure of the country.

During the Crusades, the Atelansian monarchies tried to take back the Holy Land from the invaders but were driven back. It wasn't until that an Alnorian knight, named Salta Norsoutha, drove back the invaders and converted those to Christianity. The Principality of Alnoria, a feudal Crusader state, was created that resulted in Salta's unification of the shattered Alnorian states, thereby transforming it into what it became modern day Novaya. After 18 years, Salta left to parts unknown, but his influence allowed Alnoria to prosper.

Modern era[]

After the end of the medieval ages, Alnoria survived became an industrialized nation at the start of the 20th century. Their nationalism resulted in the acquisition of untamed territories and the construction of colonies in what would became modern day Novaya in the 17th century to the 19th century. Near the end of the 19th century, Alnoria transformed into Varbosia.

Varbosian Nazism and Civil War[]

An extreme right wing party, the Varbosian Workers' Party, took power in 1998 to restore economic, political and social stability in Varbosia. However, the Varbosian Workers' Party went too far into resorting to Nazi tactics in addition to slavery due to the presence of foreigners. The National Socialist Varbosian Workers' Party, as what the VWP is called, threw away or discarded Novaya's knightly traditions that allowed them to organize genocides.

The Varbosian Civil War started when the Enlightened Socialists rose up and attacked the Nazi government. Borealis Norsoutha, who greatly resembled Salta Norsoutha of the Medieval Ages, was the leader of the Enlightened Socialist Varbosian Workers' Party, whose ideology is similar to National Socialism but with a heavily anti racial agenda. The Enlightened Socialists, supported by those oppressed and the Atelansian governments, fought back the Nazi government before decapitating the genocidal government itself.

Government and politics[]

Main article: National Council for Peace and Order

Power rest in the hands of a military junta, the National Council for Peace and Order, unofficially known as the National Council for Peace and Security. While the military junta leads the government, elections allowed its people to vote for mayors, governors, and governor generals. Despite the NCPO composed of eight military leaders, Dmitri Aleksandrovich Prokovski is the only civilian official to be the Foreign Affairs Minister due to his family from a line of diplomats, ambassadors, consulate generals, and foreign affairs ministers.


The Novayan Armed Forces is the standing military force, or official armed force, of the Novayan RDPR. Its active standing numbers were 3,402,300 while its standing reserve numbers were 1,912,000. The Novayan Armed Forces were divided into the Novayan Ground Forces, the Novayan Air Force, the Novayan Marine Corps, the Novayan Navy, and the Novayan Coastal Defense Force.

During peacetime, the Novayan Armed Forces' troops were drilled. However, when a war breaks out near the Novayan RDPR's borders, the government had its citizens drilled when this happen and chose the Fortress war policy, a strategy that focus on maximizing the defensive capabilities of the armed forces. But when the Novayan RDPR was attacked, the armed forces would have to be put into the defensive.

If a nation, be it aggressive for resources or warlike, refused to stand down even with diplomacy, the Novayan Armed Forces would use blitzkrieg tactics to overrun the enemy nation. After the nation has been overrun, the Novayan military would occupy the defeated nation, with its government choosing either of the two decisions: Reform and Withdraw, a decision that would require reforms of the fallen nation's government so as to allow elections to happen before withdrawing; the other is Annexation, which involves the Novayan RDPR annex the defeated nation through either force or through elections (the loser's people would choose to be a part of the Novayan RDPR rather than be free), making it a part of the militaristic nation.

However, the annexation would only happen if the same nation that was defeated became warlike and tried to invade the Novayan RDPR, which responds back with force and occupied it before annexing it. So far, the only nations that the Novayan RDPR annexed is Ellesia, Gamrova, and Teyoshoma; the former two were forcefully annexed while the latter chose to be a part of the Novayan RDPR.

In the case that any nations sufferd from disasters or civil wars, the Novayan RDPR deployed three to five battalions to assist with the restoration and maintenance of the rule of law, public safety and public order in any nations. The Novayan RDPR also deployed ground troops and warships to help deliver humanitarian supplies.

Novayan Ground Forces[]

The Novayan Ground Forces is the ground warfare component of the NAF. The Novayan Ground Forces used 21st century Russian and American weapons and equipment (including M1 Garand rifles, M1A rifles, and M1 Carbines), but also used British weapons (such as the L1A1s, L7A1s, and the SA rifle families).

Novayan Aerospace Forces[]

The Novayan Aerospace Forces is the aerial warfare component of the NAF. The Novayan Aerospace Forces used 21st century Russian and American aircraft and helicopters, but also the Berkuts, the CFA 44s, and the ADFX 1s. The NASF has a large drone fleet.

Novayan Marine Corps[]

The Novayan Marine Corps is the amphibious warfare component of the NAF. It uses the same weapons and equipment but used the USMC and Russian Naval Infantry combat uniforms.

Novayan Maritime Forces[]

The Novayan Maritime Forces is the naval warfare component of the NAF. It used Russian and Western ships and aircraft.

Other branches[]

The Novayan Armed Forces has several branches that were independent.

Behind the Scenes[]

The RDPR, or Revolutionary Democratic People's Republic, actually comes from the idiot mod's account in >BLOC; Novaya's Political System is Military Junta, which is obviously said mod's favorite. Novaya, meaning "New" in Russia, also came from the NS account Novaya Equestria, which got its name from a My Little Pony/Empire Earth crossover fanfic of the same name in FimFiction.

The name Novaya is unusual since its name is actually "New" in Russian. Of course, translating Novayan would mean "Newn". In New Ausozera's Regional Message Board, the mod [as Novaya Equestria] says, "F*** naming logics!".

The Novayan RDPR being preceded by the feudal government of Alnoria is similar to the way Belka was preceded by a feudal government. The National Council for Peace and Security came from the National Council for Peace and Order, a Thai military junta. However, unlike RL/fictional military dictatorships/juntas, the NCPS is actually more benevolent. In fact, both Novaya Equestria and the Novayan RDPR were created in response to [SPOILERS].

The Novayan RDPR, the anime human version of Novaya Equestria, was created due to the mod being a fan of anime after he decided that MLP RPs would make people uncomfortable. Also, the Novayan RDPR was created in response to what's going in in the real world, primarily in the United States of America and the Philippines—racism and people killing other people with guns in the former, and homeless people such as the orphaned and the beggars in the latter.

Date A Live: Skies of Deception[]

Despite not located in Strangereal, it was featured in Paomayo's Date A Live: Skies of Inception. However, the only differences is that Novaya is a federal presidential republic and is called the Republic of Novaya, with Borealis Norsoutha as the president. Paomayo made a government change on the Novayan RDPR. Paomayo also said that the junta is a facade for an even bright future.

The mod is less than amused when making Novaya a democratic republic is a good idea, since the mod is actually pro military.


  • The Novayan RDPR is actually not located in Strangereal, but in the NSVerse. The mod only RPs as the Novayan RDPR in the International Incidents forum.
    • The mod's account is Novaya Equestria, which said mod used to RP. However, while this account is actually a fascist militarized nation full of ponies, griffons, changelings and zebras and is led by an alicorn, the Novayan RDPR actually has Humans, Angels, Demons, Devils, Fallen Angels, Gnomes, Dwarves, Leprechauns, Night Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, Ogres, and High Elves.
      • The Novayan RDPR is only used in characterly, while Novaya Equestria is a nation out of characterly.
    • There was also the Novayan State, the FT version of Novaya in characterly. However, this FT account is only used to store factbooks of the Novayan RDPR's FT version, also known as the Novayan Confederacy.
  • Here is the link for the factbook "Equipment of the Novayan Forces".