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The OFS Kestrel II is a Nimitz-Class aircraft carrier and flagship of the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet, named after the OFS Kestrel of the Circum-Pacific War, and taking the same position. The Kestrel II was commisioned in the late months of 2011 in Port St. Hewlett as the replacement for the Kestrel that had been sunk the last year during the Circum-Pacific War. The Kestrel II served in the Anean Uprising and the Varusa War of 2035.

Anean Uprising (2025)[]

[To be written]

The Varusa War (2035)[]

The carrier help the Wareagle squadron against the Varusean forses at the end of the war.

The OFS Kestrel II is the platform for the 1st take off in war condition of the G-18/10_Supernova.

The OFS Kestrel II, with the RMC Domaine, the flag ship of the 1st Allies fleet.

Trasmision of the last mission of the Varusa War:

OFS Kestrel II:" All survived ship take the attack formation!"

RMC Domaine:" The cruiser RMC VIllanova is sunk!"

RMC Dominer:" This is the missile destroyer Dominer enemy imbout!"

AWACS Oka Nieba:" No, problem, the allied Flieng fortres AFR-941 Lindk

Wareagle 1:" RMC Domaine and Kestrel II, take off confirmed... I begin the attack."

OFS Kestrel II:" Comfirmed."