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"What kind of deranged fuckface would name their ship after a cat?"
—AWACS Bandog

Osean Battleship Longtail

The OFS Longtail (BB-797) is a Yamato-class Battleship. It is the most powerful ship in the Osean Maritime Defense Force.


The OFS Longtail was built in 2000 in the Kimomatsunai Naval Arsenal. Originally named the HIUMDS Kono, it was the main ship of the Kono subclass. As a part of the Osean-Ugellan Military Exchange Program of 2009, the Kono was given to Osea in exchange for 5 Lockheed Martin F-35Cs. The ship was renamed Longtail by President Harling, as the name of the ship's cat of the OFS Hubert was not a very menacing name. It is part of the 12th Osean Naval Fleet

Military Service

Continental War

Wakandan-Wadiyan Conflict

Shilagean Civil War