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"All aircraft, show them that this is our island!"
—AWACS Pathfinder

Operation Typhoon was the first major West Clavian operation in the Ariel Sea during the Second Clavian War. The objective of the operation was to secure the Sima Atoll and eliminate the East Clavian navy's presence from the surrounding area.


The Sima Atoll was host to an airstrip and several housing, with the outer islands being uninhabited with no facilities. The atoll was under the administration of West Clavis, with the main island serving as an outpost for the coast guard. Following the start of the war, the Clavian People's Army Navy occupied the island and used it as an airbase for strikes on the mainland.


On October 28, 2029, the Magistrate battlegroup headed towards the atoll, but then came under the attack of a CPA squadron that managed to damage a destroyer. As the West Clavian vessels defended the carrier, the Orca and Mantis Squadrons took off and entered the airspace. The squadrons engaged the East Clavian forces, including patrol boats, corvettes, and enemy warplanes.

Despite fierce resistance from the East Clavians, both squadrons sunk the defending vessels while the FDF Marine Corps moved in to secure the airstrip.


With the Sima Atoll recaptured, the East Clavian were unable to launch sustained air operations from the sea into the West Clavian mainland. Further success by the West Clavian navy in controlling the western Ariel Sea would culminate in Operation Blue Tsunami, in which the FDF eliminates a major CPA naval installation.