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"Alright Imma head out"
—Comet escaping the combat area

Owen "Comet" Corwin, callsign Comet. One of the youngest ace pilots of the Erusean Air Force, Owen was too young to remember the days of the Continental War or the Ulysses disaster. He was part of a new generation that grew up in the aftermath of both historical events, not knowing how the world was before the world was shaken by deadly meteor showers and the global chaos that followed. He did not remember the voice of the father, an infantry soldier that one day left to go fight in a deadly war in some foreign land to the east and never returned, knowing his face only for the photographs that remained, something sadly not uncommon for Erusean children near his age.

Despite all this, Owen chose to join the Air Force, becoming a cadet that showed promise for his skill and adaptability. Due to his age and lack of experience he, like many rookie pilots was initially kept in a reserve squadron far from the frontlines, but the need to replace some of the more experienced pilots lost in the initial stages of the war meant that some of the most skilled pilots of these reserve units had to go to the front. Owen was chosen for this, where he developed a reputation for keeping up with and often surpassing more experienced pilots, including actual combat veterans of the previous war. His plane of choice, the Foxhound, suited him well for its speed and long range combat capability, allowing him to perform fast hit-and-run attacks while outrunning almost any pursuer.

Despite his good performance in combat, his career was almost cut short early by an accident on July 13, when he scrambled to engage fighters approaching the air defense zone near the Waiapolo mountains. He engaged in an attack with an Osean F/A-18F engaged in combat with an MQ-99 drone. Owen shot down the Osean fighter, though not before the drone was also hit and exploded. As he flew through the cloud of debris from both destroyed aircraft, metal parts were absorbed by the MiG-31's engines, causing damage to the compressor blades of both engines. As he began losing thrust, he retreated and nursed his damaged plane back to his base. He attempted an emergency landing, but both of his engines flamed out on landing approach. Unable to restart the engines, he crash landed before reaching the runway. He and his WSO survived with only a few injuries and they were rescued from their plane before it caught fire. Owen remained grounded under medical supervision for over a month.

Finally cleared to return to the skies on August 25, the situation for Erusea was starting to turn desperate. Having lost two very important assets, the Njord fleet and the Arsenal Bird "Liberty", Erusea began preparing its Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile silos in the Sierraplata region. This was a controversial move within the Erusean armed forces, with strong opposition from certain factions within them, as it was argued that utilizing this kind of technology could invite retaliation from the Osean military. Despite the protests, the activation of the silos proceeded and preparations for the attack were initiated, with the launch date set at September 2. Owen was one of the pilots sent to protect the area. He was teamed up with a more experienced and senior officer, a man called Allen Davis, to act as his WSO. Despite initial frictions due to their different personalities, Davis being more cautious and a stickler for rules, they overcame their differences and became a good team.

As final preparations for launch were being finished, a squadron of Osean bombers began attacking the IRBM silos with guided penetrating bombs, terminal guidance being provided by aircraft of the Long Range Strategic Strike Group. Owen's takeoff was delayed by technical problems and was unable to intercept the attacking Osean aircraft in time. Despite the destruction of visible IRBM sites, Erusea was able to launch three ballistic missiles from silos concealed by dams. Owen arrived to the area right on time to see the launches. With victory nearly secured, he was ordered to attempt to use himself as bait in an attempt to lure the LRSSG fighters away from the launch sites to prevent the missiles from being destroyed during boost phase, accelerating away from the combat area. This plan proved to be a big mistake, as the pilot known as "Three Strikes" not only managed to shoot down Owen, but also destroyed all IRBMs before they reached a critical altitude that his fighter could not reach.

Unfortunately, the MiG-31B exploded in a fireball as a result of battle damage, leaving both crew members no chance for ejecting and therefore no chance of survival. The plane exploded and crashed in the hills of Sierraplata, bringing an early end to the career of a promising young ace.