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The P-00P cruiser with Drigon squadron surrounding it.

The P-00P Heavy Command Cruiser was developed by Asstovakia purely for fun.


Originally supposed to be a Flying Fortress,but due to the higher reanking officer being greedy bastards,the project was only given a fund of 50 dollars,almost all being squanderd on stupid-ass items.Left with only 2 dollars,they bought cheap-ass wood costing only 0.10 dollars and paint for 0.02 dollars,and others for FREE.

Dat design and weapons.[]

The P-00P has a "shit" launch system,which basically launches the plane out from the back using a compressed air blast.Once in the air,the plane must immediately gain altidute(which almost 99% of the air force failed to do so)or crash into the sea or ground.

It also comes with a few numbness tatical missles,which serves only as a firework show and to make people itch all over.It has a few SAM launchers which missles are made of paper,but,for some unknown reason they can still damage planes.

Lastly,it uses Nerf AA-Cannons,which bullets only stick onto the window of an fighter jet and Has no other purpose.

The design is mostly made out of painted wood,meaning only a single stone throw is required to bring the whole thing down.





The special edition of this carrier comes with a Pique LOL cannon,built by KSIOjiadebt industries.It fires a giant LOL word which tickles fighter jets,making them Barrel Roll like Mad.CFA-44 Nosedigger (talk) 10:47, March 12, 2013 (UTC)