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PM-63 Submachine Gun[]


The PM-63 or more formally known as the PistoletMaszynowy wz.63 or PM-63 RAK (Reczny Automat

Submachine gun wz63

The PM-63 with its veritcal foregrip and stock folded, note the pistol like design features.

Komandosow) is a blowback operated, selective fire submachine gun chambered for 9x18mm Makarov ammunition developed for use by special forces, police units and non combatant military units such as truck drivers, cooks and clerks who require a compact, easy to use defensive firearm. One of the notable features is the pistol like design features of this weapon, such as the reciprocating slide, pressure sensitive trigger, and the ability to fired one handed like a conventional sidearm.

It was developed in the nation of Kaluga on the Verusan Continent in 1963 by the Kalugan State Armaments Coproration (KSAC) and was subsequently adopted by the Kalugan army, army special forces, and air force as an alternative to a conventional sidearm or as a more compact alternative to the Yuktobanian made AK-47 and AKMS rifles. It was exported to Yuktobania where it was used in trial numbers by Spetsnaz troops in limited numbers until weapons like the AKS-74U and PP-19 replaced it in addition to replacing the hard to category Stechkin APS pistol, Estovakian forces were also noted to have purchased the weapon as well.


The PM-63 uses the same rounds as many contemporary 9x18mm handguns such as the Makarov, this allows for ammunition to be shared between weapons. The weapon uses blowback operation and fires from an open bolt and feeds from 15 or 25 round box magazines constructed from aluminum are inserted into the pistol grip of the weapon like the Uzi and Ingram MAC-10/11 for example. With its vertical grip and stamped steel side folding stock combined with the mild recoil of the 9x18mm cartridge the PM-63 is a very managable weapon even on fully automatic mode. Safety is mounted on the frame of the weapon just behind the grip. The sights are of an open type with a simple front blade sight and an adjustable rear sight that can be graduated to 150 meters. The weapon can be carried in a holster or carried on a sling.

Specification PM-63[]

Caliber: 9x18mm Makarov

Magazine: 15 or 25 round box magazine

Operation: Blowback, Open Bolt

Rate of Fire: 650 rounds per minute

Effective Range: 100-150 meters

Weight: 1.6kg (3.52Lb.) Unloaded, 2.0kg (4.4lb) Loaded with 25 round magazine


Kalugan Army

Kalugan Air Force

Estovakian Army

Yuktobanian Army (Limited Numbers and Use)