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"That beast rains missiles. That's some serious shit."
—An Osean scientist

The PW-Mk.I (short for Project Wingman Mark I) was an experimental aircraft powered by cordium that was developed by Icarus Armories for the Osean Federation It was the end result of the Osea's Project Wingman aerial weapons platform program, which debuted in the last day of the Belkan War.

It is both the most powerful aircraft in Strangereal, and one of the plane using the Burst Missile Launcher - Universal (BML-U) weapon and the All Direction Multi-Purpose Missile (ADMM) along with the CFA-44 Nosferatu.


The PW-Mk.I was developed to create a next-generation aircraft. It was created using flight data gathered by Galm 1 Cipher and perfected, during an Osean raid on a Belkan facility to stop the Belkans from copying the aircraft but was evacuated by Crimson 7. During a raid by multiple MQ-99s regarding the use of railguns on an aircraft, and its development was also assisted by top aces like Cipher, Trigger and Crimson 1. The PW-Mk.I had to be evacuated again from Wai Mami Port in Sawaiiki to the Osean Core States for Icarus to complete due to another raid by the MQ-99s.

Cipher uses the aircraft in some operations in the Belkan War, but he didn't replace his iconic blue wingtips F-15C Eagle with it. The Lighthouse War in 2019 Trigger also uses this aircraft in some operations of the Lighthouse War, but he decided to fly his iconic F-22A Raptor instead.


As one of Osea's ultimate aircraft, the PW-Mk.I possesses extreme maneuverability (to the point of being difficult to direct precisely) and speed, quick enough to actually outrun enemy missiles. The centerpiece of its non-customizable loadout is the BML-U and ADMM that is capable of destroying numerous air and surface targets simultaneously at range at the cost of a moderately long interval between bursts. The weapon notably has reduced damage, which is compensated by its sheer firepower. Furthermore, its dual 35mm cannons and railguns, when used in a combo, can rack up kills very quickly, especially against airships.



  • 2x 35mm 8 barreled rotary cannon

Standard Missiles:[]

  • STDM (AIM-9 Sidewinder)

Air-to-Air Missiles:[]

  • SAAM (AIM-7 Sparrow)
  • HVAA (AIM-7 Sparrow)
  • HPAA (AIM-9X Sidewinder)
  • QAAM (AIM-9X Sidewinder)
  • LAAM (AIM-260 JATM)
  • 6AAM (AIM-120 AMRAAM)

Air-to-Ground Weapons:[]

  • LASM (AGM-84 Harpoon/AGM-158C LRASM)
  • LAGM (AGM-88 HARM)
  • LACM (AGM-158 JASSM)
  • 4AGM (AGM-65 Maverick)
  • 8AGM (AGM-179 JATM)

Multi-Purpose Weapons:[]

  • MGP (GPU-5/A)
  • HGP (GPU-5/A)
  • ADMM
  • BML-U
  • EML
  • ECM
  • ESM
  • PLSL


  • 2x Flares


  1. Air superiority camouflage.
  2. Two-tone dark green jagged camouflage.
  3. Three-tone blue camouflage with white leading wing edges, stripes, and engine covers.
  4. Crimson 1 livery: Dark red body with crimson leading edges and engine covers, IC-01 tail code, and Federation Peacekeeper and Icarus Armories markings.
  5. Skin 04 without Federation Peacekeeper and Icarus Armories markings
  6. Grey body with crimson leading edges and engine covers.