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Pavel Sergeiovich Voychek is an Estovakian Air Force Colonel and the commander of the 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Strigon" (circa 1930's - 1940's) in the fictional Ace Combat Origins: The Spirit Fox.

Early Life[]

Very little is known about Pavel Voychek's childhood, other than the fact that his family immigrated to Estovakia from Yuktobania in the early 1900's when he was only a few years old.

Military Career[]

Pavel enlisted in the fledgling Estovakian Air Force in his early 20's, and quickly established himself as a skilled pilot, besting all his classmates (and a few instructors) in training missions. He steadily rose through the ranks and by the 1930's had reached the rank of Colonel and was put in command of the newly-established 9th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Strigon", piloting one of Estovakia's most powerful fighters; the Yakovlev Yak-3.

Wartime Hero[]

As the commander of the Strigon team, Pavel and his squadron were on the front lines during the war, spearheading the joint Estovakian/Yuktobanian counteroffensive against Belka after the 1938 invasion. Under Voychek's command, the Strigon team struck terror into the hearts of Belkan pilots. Despite their fearsome reputation amongst the Axis, Pavel and his team were not invincible, as evidenced when Strigon encountered the 3113th Taktische Jagdstaffel "Wywyrm" and were shot down, though all the pilots managed to bail out and made it back to allied lines near Okchabursk - though not without a few close calls as the pilots were engaged by a Belkan Army patrol, Voychek killing several soldiers and taking several others prisoner while armed only with his Tokarev TT-33 pistol. Despite their aerial defeat, Voychek and his men soldiered on, taking part in several key operations including the decisive Battle of Okchabursk. It was here that Strigon engaged and destroyed the nefarious Schwarze squadron led by one of Voychek's former comrades who had defected to Belka. Voychek's team would later spearhead the air support effort for the Yuktobanian landing at Anfang, leading to the success of the operation and establishing a second front in a war that was heavily favoring the allies. His last actions in the war would be witnessing the heroics of Captain Jacob Wright of the Aurelian Air Force in the final battle of the war.


After the end of the war in 1947, Voychek retired from active duty and assumed the role of an instructor in the Estovakian Air Force, training a new generation of EAF pilots. He would also become one of the test pilots of Estovakia & Yuktobania's new jet fighters, including the prototype for the MiG-15 before finally leaving the military for civilian life in 1958. Voychek was hailed as a hero for his wartime exploits and his Yak-3 was placed on public display in Estovakia's capitol city of Los Hanita, though was destroyed when fragments of the Ulysses asteroid decimated the city.


Despite having left the military decades before, Pavel Voychek's influences could still be seen well into the 21st century. The aggressive, coordinated fighting style used by his squadron was employed to terrifying effect by the Federal Erusian Air Force's 156th Tactical Fighter Wing (better known as the infamous "Yellow squadron") during the Usean Continental War from 2004 to 2005. His squadron was also still active within the Estovakian Air Force decades after his retirement, and was a major player during the Anean Continental War, during which fate came full circle as Pavel's grandson, Victor Voychek, was in command of the Strigon team during the Invasion of Gracemeria in 2015.