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Plasma Fission Drive
Use Aircraft Engine
Invented By Actis Incorporated
Used By Osean Air Defense Force
Union of Anea

The Plasma Fission Drive is a new type of aircraft engine developed by the Osean Federation and later copied by the Union of Anea. It uses particle fission to create energy to convert into plasma which is then turned into thrust, providing extreme speed capabilities for the aircraft.


The PFD has a low fuel consumption rate, allowing it to undergo extended missions without refueling. Although the engine does produce a high amount of energy and heat, heat dampening units can be installed on the thrust nozzles in addition to the radiating fins on the engine itself to reduce the aircraft's heat signature, as well as producing enough thrust to simply outrun any attack against it. The engine also does not need oxygen to work, allowing it to operate in oxygen free environments. For this reason more Plasma Fission Drives are also being developed for the Osean Federation's space program.

The current generation of Plasma Fission Drives installed onto the ASX-123 Arondight and the ASF-S20 Shleifen are capable of base speeds of over Mach 5.0. Additional speed can be achieved with the Aurora System installed onto both aircraft, which is essentially the PFDs version of an afterburner, injecting electromagnetic energy into the plasma generated by the engine to give additional thrust, allowing the aircraft to reach Mach 8.5 on straight and level flight. The Aurora System can also be used in dogfights but is extremely dangerous, as the operating speeds of both aircraft in dogfights are not meant to exceed Mach 6.0. This system gives the planes an energy "tail", which can be seen from the ground as a colored streak across the sky.


Actis SF-123/X Plasma Fission Drive[]

The first fully operational Plasma Fission Drive installed onto the ASX-123 Arondight. This engine is compact and extremely powerful, giving the aircraft speed capabilities over Mach 5. The omnidirectional thrust vectoring adds significant maneuverability to the already high performance aircraft, and the VTOL capabilities give it an additional range of mission assets, as well as further adding to the dogfighting capabilities of the aircraft.

Gonnell GX-119 VF Plasma Fission Drive[]

The Plasma Fission Drive created from the stolen plans of the ASX-123 Arondight and installed onto the ASF-S20 Schleifen, these engines work in very much the same way as the ones on it's Osean counterpart. However, it trades out VTOL capabilities to make the aircraft slimmer and faster. Omnidirectional thrust vectoring has been modified to allow for some forward thrust to remain, allowing the aircraft to turn midair without changing the moving direction of the aircraft, and also allowing it to effectively "slide" into turns, increasing maneuverability further.