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"Look at the size of that thing! I haven't seen anything like it! How are we supposed to destroy that monster!?"
—An Antarian fighter pilot upon seeing the P-2000

The Project 2000 Hyperbomber was a Whitelandian superweapon which was created by the Royal Whitelandian Aeronautrical Industries (RWAI) in the year 2000.

A descendant of the Belkan XB-0 Hresvelgr the P-2000 was designed to be capable of bombing anything within a 1000-mile radius. Powered by four huge unknown engines, the P-2000 could carry a thermonuclear bomb 1000 miles at a speed of 600 MPH and still have enough fuel to return to base, she was also design as the King's Flying HQ in times of war.

Design work on the P-2000 began in 1999 as the XBP-1999 (Experimental Bomber Project-1999) and the design was finalised in 2000 and the bomber was built the same year. She was later destroyed by No. 33 Fighter Squadron AIAF "Mako" during the Battle over Frigid Sea, the last battle of the 2001-2002 Antartica War on her way to nuke Antaria City, the capital of the Antarian Islands. King Mikael IX, leader of the Whitelands Kingdom was using the P-2000 as his personal HQ when it was destroyed. His death caused the Whitelands Kingdom to surrender.

In the months that followed the end of the war a top-secret branch of the Antarian Islands military, the Antarian Islands pecial Weapons Division (AISWD) built their own locally-produced model of the P-2000 using Antarian engines, weapons and materials. This Antarian model was called the Project 2002 Hyperbomber and entered service with No. 1 Bomber Squadon AIAF who operated her until 2057 when she was officially declared obsolete and was withdrawn from service.