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Shortly after the Belkan War in 1995, a group within Wellow's military organization began to secretly start the project. After initial contruction of the undersea hangar facility in 1997, located off the south-eastern coast of Wellow, the project was given the go by top officials.

The purpose of the project was to help reset the global power balance, and possibly foil any further wars of expansionism. The project's main interest and concern was the starship Serenity, an over-sized arkbird-looking vehicle, bristling with weaponry. The bow was similar to the Arkbird's, its sleek hull and stark white color covering the whole ship. The aft end, however, was made up of two long and very large tail booms jutting from the sides of a rather boxy engine compartment, with two very large tail fins sprouting from the tailboom tips. Various connection tubes and superstructures connected between the booms.

Serenity would be launched into orbit with a nuclear payload, and deliver strikes against the current world superpowers and those the superpowers supress. General Arlan DuWell, project leader and famous Wellow tactician, was among the many Wellowsians recruited for this top secret project.

In 2007, ten years after construction began, the giant warship was completed. Over the next four years. various upgrades were added to the mighty war vessel, including better avionics equipment, increased orbital weapon capability, and in the event the ship would enter atmosphere again, numerous anti-aircraft turrets.

In the year 2011, shortly after the SOLG was destroyed and the Grey Men plot was foiled, a team of Wellow commandos and transport units crossed the Anfang Sea, securing a small northern outpost to be used as a forward operating base. Once established, the commandos moved to one of the remote hidden Belkan bunkers, and acquired numerous warheads. After escaping, despite heavy Belkan resistance, the warheads were transported and loaded into Serenity's launch bay.

After Wellow commandos betrayed their leaders and sent the location of the project to world leaders, Serenity was prepared for launch. Despite managing to escape her sea haven, a combined strike force of fighter aircraft managed to down her before reaching orbit, and helped secure the land base from which the project was controlled. Arlan DuWell disappeared before the strike force captured the base, and the project ended soon after.