Ace Combat Fanon Wiki

Dates August 21 2038-January 2 2039

Participants Allied Victor Countries

Outcomes ISS creation, Ionosphere control

Part of Belkan Space Programme


Months after the war and the Osea'a defeat by the Belkan Army, the Belkan Government initiated an Space Programme financiated by Belkan Navy,Belkan Airforce, the reborn South Belkan Munitions Factory and The Belkan Aeronautics Limited. The Proyect began on August 23 of 2038 in the facilities of Munich Space Center, northeast of the Schayne Plains. Being such a big programme, Proyect Aurora needed more than one country's cooperation, thd Belkan Aeronautics called in help the Erusean Air and Space Administration (now Neucom LTD), and the Southern Allied Hemisphere Aeronautics (which included Leasath, Aurelia and the Southern Union). The construction of the ISS began on August 25,the Ustian Airforce joined the efforts as well as the FCU's Airforce and the Emmerian Navy.

ISS Design[]

The ISS was designed to tolerate any kind of explosions and Laser shots from any angle. The ISS Counts with TLS's all around the Station for the purpose of intercepting missiles and destroying Unmanned aircraft, it counts with AA Guns and AA Missiles, Unmanned and Manned aircrafts for exploration roles and self-defense of the station, it counts with Antigravitational missiles from the North Point's scientific society and a Shock cannon planted by Leasath. The Station counts with 3 big areas: -The Engine- Solar panels area -Cockpit and command of the Station -Scientific modules and defense command including launch facilities.

The Scientific modules of the ISS conscisted in 5 different sectors designated to especific countries, these are:

-Ionosphere and Climatic Control Sector (Belka) -Missile ensamblance Module (Ustio-Leasath) -Research on various radioactive materials including the Emmerian Mineral (Emmeria-Aurelia) -Research on nuclear and messon energy (Erusea- FCU) -Space Observation and recovery of Materials (Southern Union). The ISS counts with Belkan US-Jet 2090 Eng engines and Osean Solar Panels to recover Energy (were taken by Belka after the War).

Other Parts of Proyect Aurora[]

Emmerian and Belkan scientists discovered huge places were The Emmerian Mineral and other vital materials all around the Futuro Canal, the Mt Schirm, The Waldreich Mountains, Mt Ivrea, Anfang and on the Great Lakes Region, the FCU, Eruse, Ustio and Belka joined efforts to plant several oilrigs and oil facilities in those areas, and began to recolect those minerals and transport them from the ISEV to the ISS for its analyze. Neucom Inc and General Resource LTD soonly after joined the programme and help by planting several Bunkers in the Vladimir Mountains, Mt Lambert and Solis Ortus (in case of nuclear disasters), observatories in Mount Shezna, St Ark, Crescend Islands and in Cobalt Cave, alongside Airfields in Erusea and the other member countries.


Osea alongside Estovakia and North Point get defeated by the Belkan Fascist and the other allied nations during the war, Osea get divided in 3: Osean Federation (Non occupied area, including Oured) Osean Republic (Allied Occupation- west) and Democratic Republic of Osea (Fascist Occupation- North), the Allied ocuppied zone let the Belkan Government to use the Basset Space Center to send supplies from the Mass Driver. The Osean Federation also cooperated, this itself reunited the Osean Federation with the Non ocuppied zone (politicaly and Geographicaly).

Months After[]

Neucom Inc hired Auran 1, the hero of the last war, and constructed an Experimental Airfield in the outskirts of Axel Bay, Erusea. The ISS was fully operational and began operating immediatly, Belkan Scientists discovered that the Ionosphere can be manipulated by exposing it to a high quantity of Electromagnetic pulses, in fact it could be used as a GeoClimatic Weapon.

Ustio and Leasath accomplished to reduce the Emmerian Mineral's Nuclear Weapon small enough to load it in ICBM's or Belkan V2 Weapons, The Fusion of the Emmerian Mineral with a V2 reentry vehicle is V3 due to its massive power to destroy One Of The greatest citys and other small ones. The South Belkan Munitions Factory, the Belkan Aeronautics LTD and GR LTD Createad de ADFX-03 SuperMorgan Aircraft, a plane capable of charging a rebooted TLS, MPBM's or SWBM's depending on the pilot's choice and an ECMP For Electronic Warfare, it was designed to be Equipped in Carriers, Air Bases and Experimental Airfields (Double Seat) and on the ISS's launching ports (One Seaat)

when troubles began[]

Some Osean Citizens from both Sides of Osea began hacking the Belkan Government's Proyect Aurora classified files, they now know were are all, the Bases, The Space Centers, Airfields, Oilrigs and Oil Facilitys, either the ISS design.

What was worse is that an experimental V3 weapon, 4 V2's and several ICBM's were onload the ISS, if the ISS goes down and self destructs over a large city, it will be a catastrophe.

The ISS is design to automatically self destroy in Outer Atmosphere if the controls (underground Bunker in Directus's industrial sector), but the Hackers decipher the way to alterate the code and instead of exploding in space, it will go down to Strangereal, crash and self destruct in an Important City.

The Belkan Army know that fast, and immediatly sent Armed Forces (C-5's with Airborne Tanks) and the Belkan 2nd naval fleet to Oured, the Osean government with no military, peacefully surrendered and open a way to the Belkan Army to the City of Ruthenford where the hackers were located. An small quantity of Osea's last AA Artillery open fire to the incoming Belkan Aircraft, the AA guns and missiles were destroyed immediatly, but they managed to scape North and refugee in the ruins of November City.

The Belkan Aeronautics launched 7 spy satellites equiped with lasers to the space from the Munich Space Center. Belka called Erusea for help, they tracked down de location of the Hackers, they were situated in and underground shelter below de destroyed November Stadium, Erusea and Belka surrounded the city with Tanks to prevent their scape, the Belkan And Erusean fighters penetrated deep inside from the 2Nd Naval fleet, the F-15S/MT+ and EF-2000E prototype fighters vigilated the area until the infiltration team arrested the Hackers, Belkan Mil MI-17 and UH-60 Helicopters arrive at the area and succesfuly infiltrated the commando team, the commandos succesfuly arrested the Hackers and introduced them (with Osean help) into the Max Security Osean Federal Prison.

Last Months[]

On December 25, the chief of experimental piloting, Auran 1, was launched from Riass Space Center where he was located to launch supplies from the Launcher of Comona. He was dispatched to The Belkan Carrier Djnord which was assisted by a carrier of the FCU, a carrier of The Southern Union and vessels from the allied forces, their objective was the Verusean continent, they discovered a massive amount of military force coming from Karambastan was about to beeing used to bring down the ISS and use it to attack the eastern countries, Auran 1 was dispatched on its Su-57 with other J-20's and F-35C's. When de fleet and the air forces arrive at the coast and began their advance, they witnessed and SLBM who was believe to attack the fleet, it was subsequently destroyed by Auran 1. The Allied Forces advanced and reached the Desert of Rivweok, where a large amount of Ground and air forces were waiting them, the area was an old Yuktobanian missile launch sute, at 1530hrs an ICBM with the capability of going out atmosphere was about to be launched with the ISS as their objective, Auran 1 and the Other Air and ground forces engaged in a fierce battle known as "Aurora's Battle", Auran 1 eliminated their military force but the ICBM was launched, Awacs Northern Eye (Belkan AF) ordered him to attack the missile and destroy it at all costs, at about 21,000 feets, Auran 1 fired an AIM-120 which reached the missile who was in the Ionosphere, the Missile equiped with 3 nuclear warheads exploded safely in the Ionoshphere and Auran 1 was in one piece, on January 3 Proyect Aurora finished its design and construction and no more threats could happen. Auran 1 landed in an Airfield in North Karambastan, and days later returned to the carrier and returned to Base, he retired from the military and returned to his homeland, the FCU.