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JG 99's Squadron patch

Jagdgeschwader 99, better known as the 99th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Purporrot" (Crimson). It is a Belkan F-22 squadron led by Heinrich "Rache" Hartmann.


During the Belkan war, JG 99 fought alongside such famous squadrons as "Rot", "Gelb", "Wywyrm" and even the mysterious "Schwarze" squadron.

After notable action on the southern front, JG 99 joined the infamous "World With No Boundaries" Coup De'tat forces when Belka lost the war. Escaping destruction, they fled to North Belka where they sat worked as mercenaries for foreign countries like Wellow and the USEA rebel forces in 1998. Late that year, they joined the terrorist organization "The Falcons of Dawn" where they helped carry out several acts against Osea and Yuktobania.


As of June 19th 1999, they are serving as mercenaries to aid the "Sons of Ulysses" Anarchist group in USEA.

The squadron has flown several aircraft in it's history. As of now they fly Grunder built F-22A Raptors with a distinctive camouflage.


JG 99 Purporrot 1's F-22