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Wanting to improve upon the existing RA-5C Vigilante Reconnissance/Attack platform. The Aurelian Navy gave Saker Engineering and Armaments Co. the green light to improve and manufacture the new Vigilante variant. The new aircraft was codenamed "Enforcer" and in March of 1998 the company began work on the project with the goal of making a Vigilante for the 21st Century. The first protoype of the RA-5D was actually a RA-5C with new on-board systems such as new IFF, Phased-Array Radar, Fire-Control, Fly By Wire, and All Glass Cockpit. The engines were an improvement in the form of Chimera Technologies Ltd. RP-K Afterburning Turbofan Engines that produced 18,350 Lb. of thrust each. an improvement over the General Electric J-79 Turbojets that were intially placed in the RA-5C. New Ejection seats were also installed on board the plane as well increasing the factor of safe ejection and survival for the crew over older models. The first actual prototype of the RA-5D began flight in October of 1998 and weapons testing began in December. though devlopment was quick, there were no visible or mechanical problems and production started June 15th, 1999. The Enforcer has been noted as being "heavy, but a stable recon platform and a very capable anti-ship aircraft". Its high speed and unarmed recon missions have spawned squadron mottos such as "Unarmed and Unafraid" and the 166th Tactical Recon Squadron calling itself "Sakabato" after the Reverse Edge Katana. The RA-5D has also lent itself to the Anti-Smuggling missions of the Aurelian Navy.

Combat Operations[]

Though the RA-5D would not see the Rigors of Symetric Warfare until 2012-13 and 2020, the RA-5D cut its combat teeth on the Asymetric battlefield fighting Leasathian Drug Kingpins and their various smuggling operations by deploying AGM-84 Harpoon Missiles against Drug Vessels and Dropping Various Bombs such as the Mk.82 and 84 upon cocaine labs sat along the border with Aurelia. The Aircraft preformed its job admirably and with frightening precison. in one operation a leasathian rebel was quoted saying "what the hell was that!?" and his cohort responding with "I don't know! It could've been F***ing Miku Hatsune for all i care! Abandon Ship!" after a RA-5D fired a AGM-84 into a large drug carrying vessel. It was said that the RA-5D had managed to not be heard by the Smugglers when it made its strike upon them. It was given the nickname "Silent Reaper" after a string of ambush attacks involving the aircraft.

The performance of the RA-5D was not lost on nations besides Aurelia, and so the Usean Continent's ISAF purchased a number of them, along with the PMC, Iceberg Defense, the latter of which incorporated the RA-5Ds into a new armed force when it and several other PMCs formed the Armed Antarctic Alliance in 2020.

During the Antarctic War, both sides made use of the Enforcer, albeit in different roles.  As the vast majority of the AAA's Navy consisted of submarines, UN forces made use of the aircraft primarily for reconnaisance, whilst the AAA used theirs for anti-ship attacks.


166th Tactical Recon Sqaudron "Sakabato"

VF-91 "Joker"

VF-12 "Tigercat"

189th Tactical Recon Squadron "Loki"


Type:Large High-Speed Carrier Based Recon and Attack Aircraft

Powerplant: Two Chimera Technologies Ltd. RP-K Afterburning Turbofans totaling 36,700lbs of thrust

Armament: One 20mm M-61A1 Vulcan cannon, provision for Mk.82, 84 Freefall Bombs, GBU-27 Paveway II, JDAM Bombs in Internal bay or External Pylons

Provision for AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM-65 Maverick, and ASRAAM Missiles for Self-Defense. On Reconnisance missions typically unarmed and carrying up to Six Cameras in internal bay, External Pylons, or in nose.

Top Speed: 1,600 Mph/2,600 km/h (Mach 2.1)

Ceiling: 70,000ft (maximum) typically flies at 50,000ft.

Range: 3,330 miles


Speed: 78

Mobility: 45

Defense: 67

Air To Air: 40

Air To Ground: 80


Though a line drawing of an A-3J, the RA-5D retains this design.