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The name of the ship RMS ( Regia Marina Claviana, in Italian meens Royal Clavian Marine ) Domaine come from a famous family of the 19th century ( 1832- 1911 ).

The WW2[]

On the WW2 the 1st RMC Domaine ( the first Clavian aircraft carrier ) was utilesed to bombing the south coast of Aurelia.

During the WW2 the RMC Domaine was the flag ship of the 1st Clavian Fleat:

RMC Domaine ( sunk at the end of the war)

1st RMC Domaine

RMC Thuile ( destroyer )

RMC St. Pierre ( destroyer, sunk )

RMC Morge ( CRuiser )

RMC Bruil ( cruiser )

RMC Aosta ( battleship, sunk at the end of the war using the 1st guided missile )

RMC Pont ( battleship )

RMC St. Bernard ( submarine, sunk )

The aircraft deploid on the carrier was:

the 2nd Bomber Squadron Aquila:

AIRCRAFT: 10 light bomber Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79 ( 7 out of 10 shot down )

the 12th Fighter squadron Demone:

AIRCRAFT: 15 fighter Macchi C.205 Veltro ( 2 out of 15 shot down )

at the end of the war, was based also the 74 air force unit / 4 air division di Clavis, squadron Wareagle ( the hero of the Clavis front during the WW2 ) :

AIRCRAFT: 4 C.202 Folgore ( 0 out of 4 shot down )

1 CR.42 Falco ( 0 out of 1 shot down )

The Belkan War ( 1995 )[]

The 2nd RMC Domaine was build on the 1993, and he was the flag ship of the 2nd Clavian Fleet.

He participate ot the battle for the Crescers Island ( north belka, at the end of the war became Osea territories ).

The aircraft was:

The 12th Fighter Squadron Demone:

Aircraft: 10 F-14 ( 3 shot down ) and 5 Harrier jet ( 4 shot down )

The AWACS Occhio di Falco

Aircraft: 1 E-2

the 34th Fighter squadron Folgore:

Aircraft: 15 AMX Ghibli VTOL ( 6 shot down )

The 2nd RMC Domaine was sunk by the 3rd Belkan fleet.

The Varusa War / The Intervarusa war ( 2025 - 2030 )[]

The 3rd RMC Domaine was a supercarrier and he was build on the 2024, and he was the flag ship of the 3rd Clavian Fleet.

The fleet consisted of ships with the names of those who had participated in WW2 to commemorate the fallen in battle.

RMC Domaine III ( superaircraft carrier, survived)

RMC Thuile II ( stealth destroyer )

RMC St. Pierre II ( stealt destroyer )

RMC Morge II ( Cruiser, sunk )

RMC Bruil II ( stealth cruiser )

RMC Aosta II ( stealth battleship )

RMC Pont II ( stealth battleship, sunk )

RMC St. Bernard II ( submarine )

RMC Ferret ( helicopter carrier )

RMC Veny ( helicopter carrier, sunk )

The aircraft was:

The 12th Fighter Squadron Demone:

Aircraft: 20 F/A-14 Steal Bombcat ( 7 shot down )

the 34th Fighter squadron Folgore:

Aircraft: 25 J-7W Shinden ADV ( 14 shot down )

The 2nd light bomber squadron Notte:

Aircraft: 15 Tornado gr.8 ( 3 shot down )

at the end of the war, was based also the 74 air force unit / 4 air division di Clavis, squadron Wareagle:

Aircraft: 1 G-18/10 Supernova ( 0 shot down ) ( only on the final A of the Varusa War )

Aircraft: 1 ADA-01W ADLER, a successor of the ADA-01 ( 0 shot down ) ( only on the final C of the Varusa war )

WW3 ( 2033 - .....)[]

1-The begin.[]

RMC Domaine III

18 october 2033

Pacific Ocean ( Clavian Coast )

"All hands, important news, from today a new squadron was assigned to our aircraft carriers, his name is Aquila Bianca."

The speaker went out and everyone went back to their duties.

14:52 18/10/2033

"Here Domaine RMC, Aquila Bianca 1, you're cleared to land, after number 2, 3, 7, 5, 6 and 4."

Aquila Bianca 1 ( jack ):" Understood."

Crew: "Coming 7 AMX Ghibli VTOL! Prepare for landing."

Crew: "Understood, rope tension 47% increase."

The tension rose as I pulled back the Cloche and I opened the flaps to 55. The hands began to sweat a little mistake and you fall into the sea. "


RMC Veny:" Enemy missile incoming! 100 Km South."

Crew RMC Domaine III:" Prepare for take off, who is ready?"

Control Tower:" The only ready is the Aquila Bianca squadron."

Aquila Bianca 1:" We are going to take off with 7 F/A-6B Itroluder."

Control Tower:" Ok."

RMC Veny:" 75 Km south."

After the take off.

Aquila Bianca 1:" All the aircraft, assume attack formation!"

Aquila Bianca 5:" Ok."

Aquila Bianca 7:" Missiles ready."

RMC Ferret:" 50 Km south."

RMC Veny:" All the weapons prepare for AA fire."

Aquila Bianca 2:" I begin the attack to the enemy missile."

AWACS Occhio di Falco:" Aquila Bianca 1 is the only one can attack."

Captain Helbronner ( the captain of the RMC Domaine III ):" All the fleet begin evasion action."

Aquila Bianca 1:" Lock on the missile!"

" Fire! Fox 2!"

When the AIM-9 hit the missile there was a huge explosion! He shook for several seconds, the squadron Aquila Bianca.

AWACS Occhio di Falco:" Comfirmed, the missile is shotdown."

RMC Veny:" Yahooooo!!!!!!"

RMC Bernard;" Yes!!!"

AWACS Occhio di Falco:" RMC Domaine send a helicopter for recovery, we need to collect the material of the missile ..."

RMC Domaine:" Ok."

AWACS Occhio di falco:" Vector 210."

2- The declaration of war.                                                        []

Ace combat WW3

Yellow zone: are the new area conquerad from Clavis during the Intervarusa war. The blue area: are the allies of Clavis during the WW3 The red zone are the enemy of Clavis During the WW3

The Allies faction ( the allies of Clavis ) received a declaration of war from the New World Alleance the 20/10/2033 at the 10:00 AM.

The allies faction is composed of:

Democratic Republic of Leasath

Federal Republic of Aurelia

Kingdom of Nordennavic

Osean Federation

Republic of Ustio

Republic of Wielvakia

Union of Yuktobanian Republics

Republic of Clavis

and also the UPEO and Neucom.

The New World Alleance:

Federal Republic of Erusea

Federal Republic of Estovakia

Kingdom of Sapin

Principality of Belka

Republic of Emmeria

Republic of Nordland

Republic of Romny

Usea Centrl States

and also General Resource

3- Bomber! Bomber incoming![]


We are in a critical situation!

Six B-2M of the Air Force of Romny have crossed the airspace above our aircraft carriers ...

Shotdown them all and come back in one piece! Any other end is not acceptable.

Take off immediately!


Jack:" We take off with 7 MIG-21.03B."

after the take off.

Jack ( Aquila Bianca 1):" RMC Aosta II, where are the enemy?"

RMC Aosta II:" 150 Km north of your position!"

Aquila Bianca 3:" Thank you."

AWACS Occhio di Falco:" Vector 080."

Jack:" All plane, attack with the XMAA."

Aquila Bianca 6:" Ok."

Romny squadron:" Enemy formation detected!"

Romny squadron:" Begin evation action."

RMC Aosta II:" 100 Km North."

AWACS Occhio di falco:" that's stange, the enemy haven't escort."

RMC Aosta II:" 50 Km North."

Jack:" Fire at my order."

Aquila Bianca 2:" Understood."

Aquila Bianca 3:" This is Aquila 3 to 7 Understood."

RMC Aosta II:" 25 Km North."

Aquila Bianca 5:" I don't see anything on my radar!"

Jack:"  AWACS, active the Anti-stealth program."

AWACS Occhio di Falco:" Ok"

RMC Aosta II:" 15 Km North."

Jack:" Lock on target, fire in 3, 2, 1, FOX 1!"

RMC Thuile II:" 3 unedentefied target, 100 Km South."

Aquila Bianca 4: 3 bomber shotdown!"

RMC Aosta II:" The other bomber is retreating."

RMC Thuile II:" 75 Km South."

AWACS Occhio di Falco:" Are 3 cruise missiles!"

Captain Helbronner:" All ships, prepare for AA fire!"

RMC Pont II:" Understood."

RMC Thuile II :" 50 Km South."

Captain Helbronner:" Fire!"

AWACS Occhio di Falco:" 2 missiles shotdown!"

RMC St. Bernard:" The helicopter carrier Ferret is hit!"

RMC Ferret:" This is the RMC Ferret, we are hit! We retring to the port of Corte Maggiore."

RMC Domaine III:" Understood!"

4- the betrayal[]

We have analized the missile that you have intercepet the 18/10/2033.

It's name is XM-01, is a experimantal missile created by Gruder industries...

It was lunched from the Sada basa, into the Romny territor... But I think that Osea sold it to him at the begin of the war... I think that Osea is betraying our alliance.

Your mission for today is to fallow a group of Grunder Industries cargo ship...

You will utilised a RF-5 Tiger III ( reconecance  fighter-5 ).

Jack:" Yes, sir!"



Cargo:" Clavis fighter incoming, specifie your intection."

Jack." We are your escort for today."

Cargo:" Ok."

Cargo:" Why the HQ don't say this to us?"

Cargo:" I Don't know."


Aquila Bianca 5:" 4 Romny fighter incoming."

Cargo:" Attack the Clavis fighter!"

Enemy:" Yes sir!"

Jack:" Merda! Sono dei traditori!! ( in English meens " Shit! They are traidors!"

Aquila Bianca 2:" HQ, the Grunder Industries are traidors, we request the autorisation to engage the enemy fighter!"

HQ:" Autorisation garanted!"

Aquila Bianca 4:" Lock on Target. Fire!"

Enemy:" I'm hit! I eject!"

Jack:" Fox 2!"

Enemy:" The captain is hit! He is burning!"

Aquila Bianca 3:" I fire with the machingun!"

Enemy:" I'm hit I retrate!"

Aquila Bianca 7:" Fire!"

Enemy:" I'm...BZZZZZ *static*"

Jack:" HQ, I don't see the Grunder Industries cargo any more."

HQ:" That's no a problem, now qe know that they are traidors."