Ransaas Aircraft and Company Limited began in 1918 under the supervision of Timothy Ransaas, not long after the conclusion of the Osean War in 1910, in which aircraft were first utilized. As a child, Timothy grew into the love of flight. His family lived in Griswall, Aurelia where Timothy was brought up. As a young child, he would always spend time outside watching birds and dreamed that one day, he would be able to fly like them.

In his last years of education, he got a degree in engineering physics and moved on to found his business. He had also studied aerodynamics to give him a greater understanding of flight. In the 1916s, the only countries operating aircraft were Belka and the Osean Federation so it was unlikely for a small country like Aurelia to develop tactical aircraft at the same levels as them. Furthermore, Timothy's college friends mocked him and told him to give up before he started because "The business would never amount to anything". Ignoring the criticism, he grouped up with a few people who were willing to help him and brought out a local factory which was currently abandoned.

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