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The Reborn Knights of Belka, also known as Felsen Belka, was a rebel faction formed in 2016 after the end of the Annean Continental War. They proved to be a serious threat during the Second Osean Continental War in 2017.

Origins and Rise to Power (Unknown Year - Early 2017)[]

The origins of the Reborn Knights of Belka remain shrouded in mystery and speculation, but it is believed to have had its roots in the Falcons of Dawn and the Gray Men, even though the future leader of the Reborn Knights of Belka condemned their actions openly, which ultimately lead to him siding with the Ghosts of Razgriz in 2010. However, in 2016, Brigadier General Erik Felsen, leader of the 8th Air Division sent to reinforce Emmeria during the Annean Continental War realized that Osea had drastically reduced its military after 2010, as did the rest of the world; furthermore, there was widespread discontent in Belka over the failure of the Gray Men. The people demanded reparations to be given to them by Osea for their humilation 21 years prior at the Belkan War's conclusion. Felsen, a political genius in his own right, saw this as an opportunity to make his move, using a far different philosophy from his predecessors. He believed that Belka must obtain an honorable victory in open war, and for that reason, his group of rebels were dubbed the 'Reborn Knights of Belka', as they seemed to revive the chivalry once characteristic of all Belkan military personel long ago; this gave them widespread admiration and support by the time the began their coup in January of 2017.

At first it was believed to be a reemergance of the 'Falcons of Dawn', a terrorist group formed in 1996 and all but eradicated by 2006, but in truth these rebels were not ordinary terrorists; in fact, they were made up entirely of trained soldiers from the militaries of Osea, Ustio and of course Nord Belka. Under the brilliant and charismatic leadership of Erik Felsen and after an awe-inspiring show of strength, the group rose to power in a virtually bloodless Coup D'etat.

The Second Osean Continental War (Mid-Late 2017)[]

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Aftermath (2018-)[]

The Reborn Knights of Belka had fallen, and with them fell Belka as a nation, which as of now it no longer was. The General Resource Limited company, no longer nationalized but maintaining a formidable security force was given the task of restoring order to the region in exchange for the right to covern all of North and South Belka once that has been completed. In the meantime, war crimes tribunals hunted down and executed every major politician and military leader from the rebel government for war crimes...except for one that was never accounted for. Erik Felsen, humiliated and defeated, fled from Dinsmark and arrived in Erusea, only to be dragged into the Erusian Civil War, and then managed to escape on a small charter boat to the Aurelian Continent, where an old contact of his gave him a home at a fruit plantation in the rural areas to the west of Griswald (even this place wasn't safe as he found himself dragged into the Aurelia-Laesath War); he was never found until four hours prior to his death on January 1st, 2045, officially bringing the Reborn Knights of Belka to its final end.


  • The flag of the Reborn Knights is in fact the historical flag of the legendary Knights Sudentor, an order of medieval Paladins that served under the Royal Kingdom of Sudentor and gained legendary status serving in religious crusades between the years 1000 and 1250.  The descendents of this order would eventually make up many of the signers of the so-called "Treaty of Sudentor" in 1889, creating the Principality of Belka.
  • While presumably a restoration of the Belkan Monarchy, the Kaiser only had a nominal role as a figurehead, and thus cannot be considered the true leader; that honor goes to Erik Felsen, the commander of its Armed Forces and leader of the "Chivalry Party" in the Belkan Reichstag that took control of Belka in 2016.  This was made even more obvious when the Kaiser died in early 2017 after being shot by an escaped patient from a local mental hospital, following which the monarchy was abolished and became known as the Military Dictatorship it always was.