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The Republic of Erren is an island nation between the Verusean and Anean continents, due south-west of Khesed Island, Emmeria. Thanks to a temperate climate and good relations with its neighbours, along with a reputation as a peacekeeping nation, it has avoided conflict since its formation in 1902, after it gained freedom after a long struggle between the natives and Emmerian colonists. Its capital city is Balcliff, located on the eastern coast of the country. It has a population of 15 million people.





Errenese Tricolour


The Errenese Defence Forces are a standing, volunteer military organisation that is comprised of around 32,000 personnel. Due to Erren's position as an island nation occupying a large Economic Exclusion Zone and vital trade routes, a large emphasis is placed on airspace and Maritime Defence.

Errenese Army

Errenese Navy

Due to Erren's

Errenese Air Defence Force