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Republic of Rostierra

Adamas Islands map with Rostierra

The Republic of Rostierra is a country in the Adamas Islands. The people of this country are that of a mixed malay race, resembling a certain country from the real world...


This country has been battered by many occupations, the first being in the 1500s by Sapin, but was then freed 300 years later... then, the Oseans occupided them, but in the end became allies when the country showed what their government can do.

But the worst came from the Union of Shiruba from 1941-1945, about the same time as a war resembling WW2.

It all started when Shiruba bombed Sand Island in 1941, and at the same time, conquered parts of Osea, INCLUDING Rostierra. Osean forces helped Rostierra, and almost failed, but in the end, 2 aces, one of them, the Rostierran Ace Renaldo Arebal, defeated many Shiruban forces with an F6F Hellcat, working together with an Osean Ace in a P-51. In 1945, when Shiruba was hit by an Osean nuclear bomb, many countries and parts of Osea conquered by Shiruba, INCLUDING Rostierra, were freed, with Shiruba's surrender.

After that, Rostierra became the Republic of Rostierra. All was well until from the 1970s to the 1980s, a dictator rose, but was eventually defeated. After this, Rostierra became a democratic force.

Recently, they are allies with the Osean Federation.


If you haven't noticed, this country is based on the Philippines.

I had to edit the Strangereal world map, as the region I chose was also chosen by Otaku66Z, and became the Union of Shiruba.

This country is more advanced (sadly) than its real life counterpart (until 2020 at least), as their forces include F-22A Raptors, F/A-18s, AH-64's, UH-60P's, RAH-66s, Falkens (OADF) and Fenrirs (AAF).

(Sidenote: to prevent a possible NCF tag, Falkens and Fenrirs could be allowed under the condition that they would be controlled by Osea and Aurelia respectively, which is feasible given that the real life USA has military bases on every continent save Antarctica)

Their currency is the peso, just like its real life counterpart.

It looks EXACTLY like its real life counterpart, except for a few geographical areas.

Its capital is Waveshore city, based on real life Manila.

By Osea's ally, I mean it's a STRONG ALLY of Osea.

The small islands below it are based on the Spratly Islands.

And in case you're wondering if Rostierra and Shiruba are still enemies, don't worry, that war is long over...

That war IS after all, based on World War 2's Pacific Theatre, while The Spirit Fox is (probably) based on the European theatre...