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The Republic of Sineria or by its full name , The Federal Republic of Sineria is a nation situated on the very south of the Verusan continent, known for it's vast resources, tropical climate and it's neutrality.


Although not everything is known about the Republic of Sineria , it's a country that was relatively neutral towards its surrounding neighbours which allowed the southernmost republic to avoid countless wars which in turn it had given the nickname "The Jewel of southern Verusa"

Despite the nickname it's been gives , Sineria has had a violent and bloody past when a majority of it counties fought against each other in a war known as the "Sinerian county war" which ended 97 years ago with the most bloody conflict being the war between the Northern counties of kivernali and Sanaro which resulted in over 46,000 casualties on both sides. The war ended when the counties of Romavio and Karitano united the counties into the republic that is Sineria.



The Republic of Sineria's terrain is noted to be rather hilly in the northern areas , especially around the north-west where Sineria's largest peak (Mt.Kasote) is measured at 3.47 miles high. Towards the southern reaches of Sineria is mostly flat with a few rolling hills , the capital city, Krivenia is situated on the south-eastern coast of Sineria.

Since Sineria was formed from many counties that dotted the land , the list below notes all of the counties from largest to smallest with all of their major cities:

• Incavargenti - sitting in the center of Sineria is the mining capital of the republic , it's name is derived from the sheer silver ore found within the mountains that this county resides by , providing the nation's sheer wealth, in addition to silver , this county is notable for being rich in aluminium which provides the aircraft industry a near endless supply of material, its population is one of the biggest in Sineria with an estimated population of 740,000, the major city of Pasoka which is only 30 miles away from the border of Prinavo county peaks a total population of 350,000.

• Sanaro - Bordering both Incavergenti and Kivernali to the east is the other titan of a county known as Sanaro , notable for housing the largest port of all in Sineria (Port Virnillius) , it also houses Sineria's naval industry titan known as Hakarno Shipworks. Just like Kivernali , it too has had a bloodied past with with neighbours , it also houses a large population of 870,000 while the major city , Inarius has a total population of 580,000.

• Astok county - The most sparely populated county at a peak population of 75,000 , this is thanks to Astok being situated in the hilly regions of Sineria where leveling large amounts of hilly terrain would be rather taxing even with the current technology the country has , it's major city is Hokosa with a population of 34,000.

• Prinavo county - bordering Astok county to the south and a smidge smaller is Prinavo , notable for its rolling hills and it's vast fields which has given this county the title of "Sineria's golden valley" it's population is an estimated 550,000 with the major city of Tritina having a population of 174,000.

• Kivernali - notable for being one of the many counties with a bloody past with its neighbours, kivernali is another mountainous county bordering the east of Astok , despite it being half the size of Astok, kivernali has twice the population at 430,000. The major city of Kronela is home to a total population of 85,000. It's also home to Kardavos heavy machinery which manufactures aircraft for the Sinerian Airforce and also exports some aircraft to other nations

• Kensen - one of the smallest Counties that make up the republic is kensen , known for its relatively hot temperate and housing one of Sineria's other industrial titan , Perrendeino Aviation Corporation which is located in it's major city of Reinal , Kensen's total population is estimated at 95,000 with the majority living in the city of Reinal.

• Romavio - nicknamed the beach capital of Sineria , Romavio was also one of the few counties that helped to unite the counties into a single republic , known for it's hospitality and it's friendly population , it's also an hotspot for tourist all over strangereal , its population is measured at 530,000 with its major city of Narvako sitting along the coast.

• Karitano - the smallest county of Sineria , it's also the capital state of the republic , known for it's historical landmarks and housing the largest population of all of the counties in Sineria at an estimated 945,000 where a majority live in the capital.


The Republic of Sineria is well-known for its expertise when it comes to aircraft thanks to its two aircraft manufacturers (Kardavos heavy machinery located in the north and perrendeino aviation corporation located in the west) which provided the Sinerian Air Force it's hardware

Apart from Aircraft, The Republic of Sineria has a thriving naval industry (the largest being Hakarno Shipworks) which has kept the Sinerian navy well armed with the most recent technology


Despite its neutrality , the Sinerian republic has a relatively well trained and experienced military , ranging from it's navy to it's airforce.

The list below details the aircraft currently in use with the Sinerian Air Force as of 2018, although it's subjected to change

Interceptor/attack aircraft :

•F-16 "Fighting falcon"

•SU-27 "Flanker"

•EF-2000 "Typhoon"

•Panavia Tornado .GR4

•Mig-21bis "Fishpot" (in limited service/Awaiting Upgrades)

•F-104 "Starfighter"

•F-15 "Eagle"

Bomber Aircraft :

•B-52 "Stratofortress"

•Avro Vulcan (in limited service)

•B-2 "Spirit"

•B-1 "Lancer"

Helicopters :

•AH-64 "Apache"

•MI-28 "Havoc"

•CH-47 "Chinook"

•Augusta-Westland AW159 "Wildcat"

Miscellaneous :

•A-4 "Skyhawk" Trainer aircraft

•E-3 "Sentry"

•Hawker Siddeley Nimrod R1 - Signal intelligence aircraft (limited/near retirement)

•Qinetiq Zephyr UAV (in limited service)