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Flag of the Republic of Sotoa

Sotoa, officially the Republic of Sotoa, is a country located on the northern half of the Sotoa peninsula on the Verusan continent. A constitutional republic, it is the only democratic government in the region, surrounded by several absolute monarchies and the socialistic Yuktobania further to the west. Its capital city of Jasra is located on the northern coastline. The total population as of 2005 was around twelve million people.

Originally the territory belonged to the House of Al Sotoa and was a kingdom, until a revolution—backed by Yuktobania—overthrew the monarchy in 1971. In the subsequent Sotoan War of 1972–77, the fledgling republic asserted its independence, with Yuktobanian assistance, from the Kingdom of Hajari Sotoa and its other allies (which were supported by Osea). The young Republic of Sotoa prospered throughout the 1980s until the early 1990s. However, economic problems and government corruption led to a collapse of the government in 1999, which invited an intervention in the country in 2000–2004 by Hajari Sotoa, the United Sotoan Emirates, Emirate of Malikiya, and Kingdom of Sanabia.

The country's economy was initially based around the limited oil and gas reserves it possessed, and when those dried up, the republic was unable to effectively diversify. That led to an economic crisis starting around 1994 or 1995, which eventually led to a collapse of the government.

Armed forces[]

The Republic was able to expand its military during the 1970s war with Hajari Sotoa and later with its initial economic successes during the 1980s, at which point it had some 250,000 men under arms. The Republican Army included 300,000 men at its peak during the Sotoan War, most of them conscripts, and fought against the Royal Hajari Land Forces with considerable success. Although it possessed minimal artillery and armor, the Republican Army was able to prevent the Hajaris from occupying too much of the country's territory, and was downgraded to a peacetime strength of 150,000 after the signing of the peace accords. This was further reduced to around 50,000 by 1998 as a result of the economic crisis. The Republican Navy was limited to some missile boats and patrol ships, with three destroyers purchased from Yuktobania in 1976 serving as the pride of its fleet. Its role has mostly been limited to coastal policing, seeing only minimal action against the Royal Hajari Navy. By 2000 these ships were considered to be largely outdated by modern blue water navies, but on the Verusan continent they still held some value.

The Republican Air Force consisted of some 180 aircraft at its peak and managed to keep the air forces of its enemies at bay during the Sotoan War. Most of them included donated Yuktobanian aircraft, which were able to put up a fight against the Hajaris' mostly Osean aircraft. The primary fighters were the Sukhoi Su-15 and Su-17, along with the Mikoyan MiG-25. The air force was downsized to around 110 aircraft by 1996, which were mostly outdated by the time of the Hajari-led intervention in 2000. Nonetheless, its pilots were considered to be top notch.