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General Information[]

Urealia is a peaceful nation (a past county of Aurelia), a country located in the Southern Hemisphere of the Osean Continent. For being a peaceful nation, it retains much revenue from its resources and GDP, it supplied Leasath with medical and food supplys during the Leasathen civil war much like Aurelia did. However in 2020, Leasath invaded its southern neighbor in a swift blitzkrieg, then in light of this attack Urealia supplied Aurelia during the Aurelian-Leasathen war. After the war Urealia helped Aurelian and Leasathen refugees. The Urealians constitutionally abolished its armed forces permanently in the past, thus becoming militarily neutral when they gained independence from Aurelia. Full of nature and rich in resources, this small, central South Osean nation is a democratic republic ruled by President Elgriz. The capitol of Urealia is Mellvere built apon an old castle and the currency is called the Urealian Zollar.

The Arlem Region:[]

The Arlem Region is grain producing region east of the City of Mellvere is some times referred to as the gateway of South Osea due to its position on the main thoroughfare, with gently sloping terrian and fertile soil perfect for farming. It is one of the most prominent agricultural areas in Urealia including all of South Osea, with Wheat, Barley and Corn as the major crops. Fruit and livestock also prosper there.

The Mais Region:[]

The City of Mellvere, is trade city situated on on the river Mais in western Urealia, it has long prospered as link between the other nations of South Osea and the wider world. Because Western Urealia has a oceanic climate, its summers are cool with stable rainfall. The warm current and westerly winds make for mild weather throughout the year, and for this reseon it has became a poplular summer resort and villa for the rich.


  • This nation is based on Costa Rica.
  • Urealia's population is only 253,897 (as of 2021) in which about 3,900 are Aurelian and Leasathans.
  • The name of this nation capitol and several regions comes from a game called Valkyria Chronicles.