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Wielvakia was founded by Belkan farmers that defected and headed east. The constitution was inspired by the Osean Constitution. Through the years it grew peacefully.

War in Erusea[]

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In 2007, Wielvakia had decided to allow Erusean refugees from the ISAF-Erusea into the country. The refugees were quarrelsome with the Wielvakians for quite a wile, Then, on September 01, 2010, a declaration of war was drafted by Erusea, along with a simeltaneous occupation of 67% of the country. They were eventually driven out and pushed back to Erusean soil. A landing by Army troops on the Erusean southeastern coastline was carried out two weeks later. The war lasted until February 06, 2011, when the Wielvakians started to move toward Farbanti. The Eruseans could not face the prospect of fighting in Farbanti again, and a peace treaty was drafted that day. During that time, the Wielvakians managed to take three critical Erusian combat bases: Le Chariot, Fort Akers hill, and Le Liberte.


The government of Wielvakia can be classified as a representative government. If an issue needs to be voted on, the vote first goes to the cities, where the citizens vote. The vote results are then carried by city representatives to the province voting chamber. There, they vote again, and province representatives carry the results of that vote to the national congress, where again they vote. The president has the power to veto or approve, and vetos can be overriden just the same as the United States. Since the Constitution is based off of the Osean Constitutuon, Wielvakian citizens have many of the same rights and freedoms as Osean citizens.

International relations and military[]

Foreign relations[]

Following the Wielvakia-Erusea war, ties between the countries have been rebuilding. Wielvakia also maintains ties with the superpowers in the Usean continent as well as Osea.

Wielvakian Air Force (WAF)[]

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Wielvakian Army[]

The Army is comprised of several installations within the country. Total personnel, 759,147.

Wielvakian Navy[]

The Nayy maintains fifty-one active vessels and has only seen action in 1995 and 2010.


The economy in Wielvakia is similar to that of a third-world nation. The unit of currency is the Alpha. It is a capitalist economy. It imports goods from those countries surrounding it, and exports just the same.


The country has a climate and an ecosystem similar to that of the Northeastern United states, save for the northern part of the country, which is surrounded by desert. It is bordered by Nordland, FATO, Gebet, Recta, and Ratio. The Kingsman bay divides the southern end of the country.


Science and technology[]

Wielvakia is on the world leaderboard in the field of astronomy. It maintains a well-funded space program.


A major airport is located in Tucson. There are large, but regional airports in the larger cities. Automobiles are owned by over three-quarters of the poulation.


Fossil fuels are still in use, but great pushes are being made to use solar, geothermal, wind, and nuclear power, especially within the city of Colton.


Education is mandatory in Wielvakia. Children are expected to go to school from age four or five until graduation from high school.