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Rikhart Harken (service number 0177) is extremely proficient in dogfighting, as is to be expected of a Ex-Belkan Airforce pilot. Suffers from mental and physical wounds combined with PTSD and nerve damage has hindered him somewhat, but he has learned to cope sufficiently. Has Experimental Eye Enhancement and a ENSI implant at the base of his skull. Not much else is know at this time, this case is pending further investigation by the IMID.


Childhood and Early Years[]

Rikhart Harken was born on 10th of January 1991 in the town of Myton, Cresence Island Chain, North Belka. Here he lived with his family until the horrific events of the Belkan War, where he and his family were forced to move from Cresence Island along with 3450+ other Belkans due to the Lumen Treaty in which most of Belka's territory were handed over to the Osean Federation and other allied nations. After a year of moving from one refugee camp after another and the death of most of his family due to radiation poisoning he was given a accommodation at a old family friends house in the ruined city of Hoffnung were he lived until 16 years old.

Grunder Industries and the XTS[]

Rikhart Harken later was a test pilot in Experimental Test Squadron of Gründer Industries, the most notable aircraft he tested was the ADFX-VTOL FALKEN Z prototype.

BAF 22nd Air Division 4th TFS "Schnee"[]

Rikhart Harken or better know at this time as "Schnee 1" of the recently (at the time) re-established tactical fighter "Schnee" squadron and was conscripted at the outbreak of The Osean Continental War 2017 and during this time he joined the Reborn Knights of Belka.

Reborn Knights of Belka[]

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Belkan Separatist's[]

During the war his views and opinions of his fellow comrades and his nation as a whole changed him significantly some say it changed him totally, but these thoughts built up until he gave a speech to his fellow conscripts and some members of the Reborn Knights of Belka and later formed the Belkan Seperatist's and then did a series of attacks against the Belkan Federation forces at Anfang Coast. Later the Belkan Seperatist's attacked the capitol of Belka, Dinsmark. Here Schnee 1 met his match, an ace far superior to him in every way, the demon named and his former leader, Erik Felsen. A large battle ensued over Dinsmark between the allied forces and the Belkan Federation forces. That moment Schnee 1 with no other choice due to lack of ammo and fuel decided to fly full throttle at Wywyrm 1 and crashed his MiG-31 Foxhound into Wywrm's 1 Super Falken in a attempt to disable or destroy him, but the Super Falken, being built like a tank, was staggered slightly but was mostly undamaged thanks to the advance ECM system deflecting most of the impact, Schnee 1 bailed out just in time but fragments of his MiG-31 slammed into him inflicting massive damage to his body. He managed to survive the fall from his burning MiG-31 but was later arrested by the Osean Army and later treated by medics. After weeks of surgery on his eyes, chest and legs and after a year in a Osean Federal Prison he was released by the Osean Supreme Federal Court and all of his crimes were dropped to Rikhart's Supprise.

General Resource Limited GRDF[]

After the war Rikhart Harken was asigned to the General Resource Defence Force, here he recovered from the mental and physical wounds of the The Osean Continental War and trained pilots of the GRDF.

The Taranis Team[]

After a couple of years of training pilots for the GRDF he decided to to leave the cold remains of Belka behind forever and became a ghost. He later reappeared as a mercenary during 2019 in Erusia under the name Kara Summers and during this time he met Rota and created the 77th TMS Taranis and played a small part in the Erusian Civil War and was shot down by Lightning who flew the completely modified XF-22C Raptor II in battle for the first time. With the XF-22C, Lighting shot down both pilots from Taranis Squadron, but both bailed out and lived to tell about it.


  • In Norse mythology, Kára is a Valkyrie a "chooser of the slain". The etymology of the name Kára means "the wild, stormy one".