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"The Oseans looks funny fighting the Arsenal Bird."
—Bayonet when the Arsenal Bird engage the Osean Air Defense Force

Rosie "Bayonet" Lucas, callsign Bayonet. A senior pilot of the Erusean Air Force, Bayonet got her TAC name for her preference for sticking to close quarters dogfighting and her mastery of ACM, foregoing long range combat whenever possible. When a fellow pilot derisively refered to her tactics being akin to "a stupid bayonet charge", the name stuck and she used it as a badge of pride. She became a fighter pilot instructor, known for being strict and a stickler for rules, but whose pupils always became excellent fighter pilots. When the war was about to break out she was one of the first to volunteer for active duty, trying to set an example for the newer generations. When the Arsenal Birds were hijacked by Erusea, Rosie was tasked with inspecting both of them closely, testing their APS defenses and participating in mock dogfights against their MQ-101s UAVs. This left a deep impression on her, as both Arsenal Birds were seemingly impervious to damage, projecting air power both defensively and offensively, with plans for deploying the experimental long range "Helios" missile attacks already on the table. Leaving this kind of firepower to artificial intelligence, which could be hijacked or otherwise become uncontrollable seemed to her like a massive mistake. In private correspondence with a colleague she wrote the following words: "Yes, those goddamn white monster birds and their swarm of drones are formidable. Even those arrogant goons of the IUN and the Osean Air Force stand no chance against them. But mark my words, developing that kind of technology is like making a pact with the devil. We're all going to regret it sooner than later".

On May 30, 2019, Rosie was sent to observe the first combat deployment of the Arsenal Bird "Liberty" against Osean forces engaged in the offensive named Operation Dual Wielder, where she watched firsthand how the Arsenal Bird stopped the Osean aerial offensive on its tracks with a rain missiles, its swarm of agile drones and the energy shield of its APS unit. This evoked a simultaneous feeling of amazement and utter dread. Her observation was interrupted when she was engaged and shot down by a fighter of the OADF's Mage Squadron. She ejected succesfully over the rainforest at Chopinburg, still catching sight of the Arsenal Bird and its blue protective aura far in the distance as she hanged from her parachute. Landing in the jungle below, she had to walk through its difficult terrain for over three days, heading towards territory held by Erusea, before being being found rescued by an Erusean army patrol doing reconnaissance. While only sustaining minor physical injuries, the incident had taken a toll on her psyche. She was subject to a psychological evaluation upon her return to her base and she was deemed unfit for active duty due to symptoms related to combat stress.

Rosie remained with the Erusean Air Force for the rest of the war, albeit behind a desk in an administrative role rather than behind the controls of a fighter jet out in the field. She worked closely with the Conservative officers that attempted to regain control of Erusea after the communications blackout and the split of factions that followed it, blaming the development of drone technology and its irresponsible use by the Radicals as the reason the war had gone the way it went, admitting Erusea had lost and that ceasefire negotiations with Osea were in order. She never took to the skies again. She could never forget the silhouette of the monstruous white birds contrasted against the blue sky, monsters which haunted her nightmares even after the real ones were destroyed. She retired after the war ended, but her current wherabouts are unknown.